Tuesday, October 2, 2018

MSW 2018 Contestants

Hi, dollies!

After waiting a lot, MSW started today. Here you can find the contest's page, and check out the offers, freebies and the prizes for the winners. (That gown for MSW2018 is stunning btw.)

But the most important thing now is to present those dollies from the blog who participate in this year's competition.*
As a task, I asked them to say, why they are running this year. You can read their answers unedited below their picture. 
So if you would like to support any of them, feel free to click on their name in this post. 
Last, but not least, I think, I can say that in the name of the SMW blog, I'm wishing all of you good luck in this competition. 

Here are our MSW contestants:

I really want to try to go as far as possible in this comp to prove that the Non-SuperStar community is part of the game, and prove that status means nothing, personality and creativity value better.

I have always been trying to win msw but never succeeded. I want to prove that non ss dolls CAN win msw.

I run every year! I am a veteran on Stardoll, so I feel like I am a great choice to represent Stardoll!

I try for MSW every year! There is never many dolls from Australia being represented, so I try to do that!

Hi! i’ve been on SD forever, but I’ve never run for MSW before! I guess I never really felt like part of the community on SD until I became active on this blog! I’m so grateful to all of you for helping me grow on here and make SD fun again. I feel like my style and creativity has become so much better and my confidence in my doll has grown so I finally am ready to give it a go. 

This is my second time running for MSW, last year was my first and I didn't really get far. In all honesty, I am taking part solely for the fact that it may be the last MSW I ever see again, so I would like to make it count. I don't mind if I don't win, it's about me making more friends and becoming more involved in the stardoll community and just joining in the fun!

I don't know if it fits here or not since I wrote this post, but I'm also a regular participant, so if you wish, vote for me as well. :)

Since I'm on Stardoll, I always participate in MSW. This year is not an exception as well. As a non-superstar member, I know I don't have much chance, but who knows, maybe luck once stands behind me.

* This post is not working like a "voting club". The owner or other members are not getting any present for this. We just support and vote for our friends. Keep that in mind! :) 

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