Tuesday, October 16, 2018

10 Years/Contests Winners

This has been fun doing 10 contests. I’d like to thank Jenna, staff, and all the members for making this possible.

Prizes are awarded depending on number of participants. All must be claimed within a week

Contest #1 Recreate A Winning Look
Prize: 25sd
Winner: CoolRachael and Marta-43

Contest #2 Chance to finally win
Prize: 20sd
Winner: Dunyali.nil

Contest #3 OOTD
Prize: 30sd
Winner: Dollwars34

Contest #4 Friendly Interview 
Prize: 25sd each and Interview post on blog 
Winners: Giannoula5 and Boookay 

Contest #5 Decor with oldies 
Prize: 20sd or Pick of decor item 
Winner: Lolitka1444

Contest #6 Add to the Base 
Prize: 30sd 
Winner: Paradise_134

Contest#7 Black & Pink 
Prize: 30sd.
Winner: WildChrissie

Contest #8 Girls Night Out 
Prize: 25sd each 
Winners: RlOT and Vogue_Veronica 

Contest #9 Non-SS
Prize: 1 month SS 
Winner: Armaniala

Contest #10 Words for SMW 
Prize: 25sd 
Winner: CosimaSaskia

Everyone has the chance to claim their perspective amount in wishlist items or you can choose from the following items pictured in comment below. 

Please claim within a week and I can’t tag so please help tag the winners so they can see this. Until Next time dolls and thank you for making these 10 years possible. 


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