Thursday, October 11, 2018

Dupes #2

Want to buy the latest and greatest new clothes, but don't want to waste your precious stardollars? Did you buy something, only to realize you already have at item just like it? Dupes post #2 is here to help.

Yet More Wide Leg Black Pants:

If you followed the Uglies on TITD, you'd have seen plenty of wide-legged black pants dupes already. But By Malina and Hotbuys gifted two more pairs. Note - this isn't even all of them.

By Malina: These pants are much plainer, lower waisted, and less flared than the others. They're my least favourite, for all they are the second cheapest.

Nelly: They're weirdly shiny, but a decent shape and the cheapest of the bunch.

It Girls: The widest flare, the most detailed, but also the most expensive, as well as being hotbuys. Personally, I still peg them as my pick.

PPQ: Not cropped, but rather floor length. Medium amount of detail, but the second most expensive.

The Alternatives:
Whoever said black had to be boring was lying to you. Add in a crazy leg detail, a paperbag waist, of just denim it up for a different - but still wide legged and black - vibe.

It's Back To Basics:

However nice and well priced the new BASICS is, it's absolutely stuffed full of dupes. Perhaps the most iconic one being this blue cropped sweater.

Original Future: It's a slightly brighter blue, and a higher tuck - as well as being much more detailed and defined. It is, however, also in stardollars, so how much you value those little extras is up to you.

Basics: Starcoins are the only 'free' - or, close to free - currency on Stardoll. But at 135/122 sc, it's still quite a lot of savings for a non-ss member. It's less detailed, darker, and longer than it's counterpart.

The Alternatives:
They might not be in coins, but with these items, adding a different neckline or opting for a textured look is still definitely within the blue sweater family.

Pleather Forever:

What makes a pant double in price? The name on the label, the graphics, the waistline? Whatever it is, this ought to be a joke, or at the very least a glitch. Unfortunately, it isn't.

Callie's Picks: Horrendously overpriced, with a weirdly middle-of-the-road waistline and an odd Chanel charm. They're also CP. 

Fallen Angel: A reasonable price, wonderfully high waisted, very well textured. Do I really need to tell you they're the better buy? 

The Alternatives:

Textured leggings and pants is a trend Stardoll has wholeheartedly embraced. Why stick with leather, when there's so many more interesting textures!

Those Questionable Biker Shorts:

Not only are the Underneath Stardoll ones a lot cheaper, but there's a range of colours to match or contrast with your doll's skin tone. Frankly, I wouldn't be wearing shorts like these as anything other than underwear either way.

The Alternatives:

Almost any other short will be better than these.

Which of these dupes - or alternatives - are you going to buy? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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