Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Game of Luck - TOP 17 + ELIMINATION CEREMONY 3

Welcome to WEEK 3 of The Game of Luck Season 1! Last week we saw Popetje's luck run out so early, and we should all thank them for playing! This week however we are going to eliminate 1 more person! 

This week let's implement a new prize! Every week I want you to comment the name of your favorite! Once we get to the final 3 contestants, who ever gets the most shout outs will win 200sd! Contestants may partake in this as well! I want to see the FAN FAVORITE!

Now, lets get started!

17 contestants await eagerly to be called into the top 16! 1 contestant will not win 600sd or a 3 month Superstar membership.

The first contestant randomly picked is...

CoolRachael congrats on getting called first!
the next contestant is...
ItsEtiosa congrats! You were saved from the bottom 2, now you are called second
the 3rd contestant safe is...

VivianIvy congrats you are safe!
the next batch of hopefuls safe are...





Paradise_134 you my friend keep dropping week to week


middle of the pack but still able to win that coveted prize!
 The next contestant safe is...

xXSiaXx nicely done!


Judith_25 you can breath safely for now!

The LAST contestants saved from the bottom 2 are

WildChrissie have you gotten cozy yet?


and last contestant saved from the bottom 2 is...

I bet you thought you were going back there didn't you? Yeah me too! Congrats!

While 15 contestants are safe, unfortunetly 

Anya-Samantha, and Jennygu36

You guys are up for elimination!
2 of you left, but only one can go on to hopefully win 600sd, or a 3 months SS membership!
Who will it be?

The last contestant who has been randomly chosen is...

Congrats you will live to see antoher round this time! 

Unfortunately Jennygu36, your luck has run out! Thank you so much for playing! Please pick some items up to 15sd and put them on your wishlist! 

To the top 16 buckle up 2 of you go home next week! 

Whose luck will run out? Find out next WEDNESDAY when we return!

XoXo Roxy


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