Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Game of Luck - Top 16 + ELIMINATION CEREMONY 4

Welcome top 16 to week 4! It is so crazy that its already been about a month since we started this season! Unfortunately Jennygu36 left us last week, and 2 more contestants will be leaving today! I do not have much to say so... let's get right into the thick of things!

There are 16 contestants left, but only 1 can win 600sd or a 3 month SS Membership! I will be randomly selecting your names and the two that do not get selected are OUT!

The first contestant safe is...

Dddirnenos congratulations, welcome to the first called club!

the next contestant safe is

xXSiaXx welcome to the top!

The next contestants that still have a chance at winning the main prize is...



WildChrissie Welcome to the top as well!




You guys got LUCKY, but then again this game is all about luck, so that must mean your killing it, for now.

The next contestant safe is...

ItsEtiosa you can take a nice long breath!

 The next contestant safe is

VivianIvy well done!

The last contestants saved from the bottom 3 are...



CoolRachael what a fall, but you still survived the week!

and lastly


Congrats you lucky 13!

Unfortunately that leaves

Paradise_134, Dollwars34, and unfortunately for the third time Itsabutterfly_. Only 1 of you will be staying. Only 1 will get the chance to win 600sd or 3 months SS. Who will it be?

The 14th, and final spot for next week goes to...

Dollwars34! Congratulations! You have survived and will safely move on to next week!

Paradise_134, Thank you so much for playing! You get 20sd worth of items in your wishlist!
Itsabutterfly_, have you had such an interesting ride in this contest! You still did really well! You also get 20sd worth of items in your wishlist!

To the top 14, you can all rest easily now, and only 1 of you will be leaving us next time! 

Make sure you all come back next Wednesday to find out who will enter our Lucky 13!

XoXo Roxy


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