Saturday, July 8, 2017


Our winner is Exabella!

She is very sparkly and looks just like a firework exploding! Exabella was picked randomly so all can have a chance to win. 

My Favorite: Someone Van Gogh Out With Me/booklover29
Love that she made 3 different outfits all Festive!

Most Up Votes: lolitka1444
She had 13 of them. Love the hat!

Tie for 2nd Most Up Votes sarah_1980
10 votes each and awesome Styles. Those boots are crazy cool!

And the ever lovely Jane Doeee/Janedoee83
Exabella, if you are a Superstar, please put something up for sale in your Bazaar for SMWPRIZES doll to purchase for 50 Stardollars. Will you put up some clothes or shoes you no longer want?  If not, place one (1) item on your wishlist for up to 50 Stardollars. Congratulations!

Wishlist prizes for the other four of MY choosing. Make sure it is up to date ♥

Everyone, if you have not won any prizes from this blog but are an ACTIVE member, list your Stardoll name below. Also post how long you have been a member of Stardoll's Most Wanted Blog. Just for my (Aonuk) personal list. I might do a competition with just those people.


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