Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Anya-Samantha is celebrating her Birthday today!

This photo is from the cover of her Album. Looks just like a magazine cover, doesn't it? Inside Colette (her User name) has some very well written articles, which is good practice for a Journalism Career.

Here are some of her latest OOTD'S. Always cute and a little sassy. 

Anya-Sam (as I will call her) very kindly posted them in her Presentation and really helped me out.

Speaking of Presentation...Anya-Sam's is awesome! There is even a mention of our Blog.

♥ Thank you very much. We love to see Advertising for SMW ♥

Her BFF is our own Orpul-Is-Me9. Always good to see people make friends through this Blog!

Another active member who has let us feature their doll for their birthday, as a little thanks for being a part of this community. So please join me in wishing Anya-Samantha a Very Happy Birthday! If you would like to visit her and write something nice in her Guestbook the link is below. Leaving a gift would be very kind of you but not mandatory.


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