Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Game of Luck Top 14 + ELIMINATION 5

I bet you all thought I forgot about this post! I totally didn't pff... I did haha! But I have an excuse! I wanted to post it on my BIRTHDAY? Did that work? Hopefully!

Alright, now to get away from cringe openings, lets get into the scary stuff! Two contestants (bless their souls) left us last week and it totally was a bummer! Unfortunately 1 more will be leaving this week!

13 contestants (ONLY 13) will be left to see if they have the luck to win 600sd OR 3 months SS!

14 contestants, 13 names randomly pulled! This list gets smaller and smaller each week!

The contestant randomly picked is....

Anya-Samantha Well congratulations to you!

The second contestant safe another week is...

ItsEtiosa what great luck you had this week!

The next contestants saved another week are...




CosimaSaskia have you ever been near the bottom yet? I don't think so haha!

The next contestant saved another week is...

Dddirnenos Your username is my favorite to spell, and the one I misspell every week!

The last contestants who are saved from the bottom two are...







Unfortunately that leaves Dollwars34, and Judith_25

12 names have safely been called out, and there is only 1 spot left...

Who gets to move on for a chance at such a great prize?

The last name is...

Judith_25 Luck was on your side this time!

Well, Dollwars34 looks like your luck ran out! Thank you so much for playing! Because it is my 18th birthday, I am feeling generous! You get 2 gifts from your wishlist, whatever you want! Just make sure I can actually buy it from a wishlist! 

To the rest of you, 1 contestant will leave us next week, and we will be 1 step closer to the GRAND PRIZE! Thank you and tune in THIS Wednesday to see who leaves us and who stays!

XoXo Roxy

P.S. My summer jam at the moment is Heatstroke By Calvin Harris feat. Ariana Grande, Pharrell Williams, and Young Thug. It's a BOP for sure!

HEATSTROKE  (jam to it now!!!)


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