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The following are the changes to the OOTD system.

While everyone is welcome to enter their OOTD for fun, I have decided to implement 2 competitions to make it even more exciting!

Who will be Stardoll's Most Wanted Medoll?

The competition is fierce, but only one can claim the top spot. Will it be you?

~ Week 1 is the qualifying week. 

If you don't enter at least 1 OOTD outfit in the first week of the month, 
you can not compete in the competition for that month.

(This month I am allowing people to enter in Week 2 (this week) 
as well to qualify since I am rolling it out late.)

*Obviously the more outfits you enter for the week, the better your chances of moving on.

~Each week there will be eliminations based on whose outfits I/judges/up votes liked the most.
(Let me know in comments if you would like this to be private and the winner will be a surprise at the end of the month or have the eliminations publicly announced at the end of each week.)

*Again eliminated or not everyone is still encouraged to submit 
your ootd for fun and also for the other ootd comp below.

~At the end of the month Stardoll's Most Wanted Medoll will be chosen.


1st place: 1 month SS or $200sd
                 1 free gift of choice from each release throughout the month
(Some exclusions apply. ie: limited releases may not always qualify due to time 
constraints/cost. I will let you know in each post when eligible to claim.)
                 Random gifting throughout the month (So keep your WL full and updated!)
2nd place: $100sd

3rd place: $50sd

This idea to revamp Stardoll's Most Wanted Medoll and have elimination came from Roxy's comp :).


 This is our member of the month award for most active members, but to qualify you must also enter the OOTD competitions.

1 full week (Mon - Fri) of OOTD entries = 1 entry for SMWM

Each additional week of OOTD is another entry.

At the end of the month,  those with the most entries will be considered for the top 3.

They will be chosen by me. To help me determine the order I will take into consideration how active you are in other areas of the blog (comments, social media, RLV team, writers, advertising, comps, chat etc..)


1st place: 1 month SS or $200sd
                 1 free gift of choice from each new release throughout the month
                 Random gifting throughout the month (So keep your WL full and updated!)
                 Interview and picture on the blog
                 Opportunity to be judge or writer for the month (not required)

Runners ups: 1 gift of choice $50sd or less (amount subject to change)

As always this is a process of trial and error so everything is subject to change as we see what works best.

I'm interested to hear your feedback and know what you think before updating this on the main OOTD page.



I know many people are interested in continuing the Weekend themed ootd. Unfortunately, both Aonuk and I both do not have the time to continue posting themes on a consistent basis.

Is there anyone interested in posting the weekend ootd's themed post? You would have to post the themes and then randomly pick a winner for the $50sd raffle.

Please let me know if interested. Aonuk and I can give you a list of themes we have gathered to help with ideas.

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