Thursday, July 13, 2017


As many of you have been discussing in chat, Stardoll unveiled it's latest story adventure for us to enjoy. It's very similar to the Easter one where we had to find the bunnies except this time we are finding sea creature friends and we get a bonus sea interior to boot. However, it is superstar only, so apparently Stardoll knows how to put a damper on things even underwater 😉.

Here is the translated secret message below.

The first sea creature is Mr. Crab and he can be found in Starplaza.

There is also a photo contest and themed chat rooms that even non-superstars can enjoy! Hooray!
If you enter, you get this little guy.

Thanks Orpul-is-me9

But just to be sure they make a little profit off this sweet deal, there is a new hairstyle (shown in the banner) that you can only get with Superstar purchase. Of course my Superstar renewed yesterday right???!!! I'm not sure I like it, but dammit I want it anyway lol.

Here is Lula.Osorio modeling it! Go girl!

To help you get motivated to enter the photo contest, we are going to hold the same comp, so you get double the incentives.

Same rules apply. Get creative! Use that decor and sea/beach interiors if you have them.

Win $50sd

(Prize will be more or less based on how many people enter!)

The more people that enter the better the prize! Tell your friends/share on social media!

(Max $200sd or Superstar code so you can get that hairstyle!)

Ends July 24, 2017

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