Saturday, July 29, 2017


Back by popular demand is Themed Weekend OOTD

The theme for this weekend is WINTER WONDERLAND!
Half of us are in the sweltering Summer and half in the freezing Winter.
I am melting down here in South Florida so let's do Winter!
Dress your doll in coats, hats, scarves, boots, whatever... 
for a cold snowy day outside participating in your favorite activity.
Here is my Shane enjoying the cold weather with his animal friends while snowboarding!

Whomever posts two different themed outfits for both Saturday and Sunday 
will be placed in a random drawing for 50 Stardollars!
Also extra prizes might be handed out for creative backgrounds along with your doll's outfit!
Post your doll in the OOTD for Saturday and Sunday at the top of the Blog. 
Have fun and get creative!
Don't forget your Stardoll name and the date.

♥ Please Do Not Post Your Outfit Here ♥

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