Friday, September 12, 2014

NYFW SS2015 Recap (II)

 It's day 4 of my Fashion week Coverage! Here is my latest recap!


This is what shows up when you look for "sporty chic" in the dictionary. Bye bye high heels, welcome trainers and flatforms (which are sooooo comfortable). As expected, some oversized pieces and mid length skirts are part of this tribal inspired collection.

Custo Barcelona
It's always about prints in Custo Barcelona fashion shows, and this is what I'd call print perfection. Discreet prints with a touch of color and cut out shapes, isn't it beautiful?

Diane von Furstenberg
Or should I say Kendall Jenner wearing DVF? Because more people were watching for the Kardashian model appearance more than the show itself! This collection full of black and white prints is a knockout tho. And Naomi Campbell modelled as well.

Versus Versace
Known better as Black and Gold perfection. Simple and chic outfits with the perfect natural make-up.


Donna Karan New York
Inspired by cowboys, really chic ones, this collection was all about black details. Playing with textures, prints and shapes, never forgetting the mid length trend settled.
But... uhm... *I don't know how to say this*
What's with those hats!!!!!!???? (see picture below)

Alice + Olivia
Let me know if I'm not the only one obssessed with this brand...

Zac Posen
You only need black, white and red if you're Zac Posen, an expert in creating shapes. No doubt why Coco Rocha wore one of his dresses to her wedding and Michelle Obama is usually seen with his designs! Classy.

Rag & Bone
I'd love to wear one of those cute raincoats. Minimalism and natural looks couldn't be more Rag & Bone.


Tory Burch
I can't enough of those prints, aren't they just perfect?

Badgley Mischka
Mesmerizing dresses, see full collection here. Floral prints, sparkles, tulle... Sorry, I just had to pick 4 random ones!

Vera Wang
When you go for total black outfits it's impossible to miss the silhoutte and the textures. Including a lot of ruffles, embroidery and sequins, some burgundy eyeshadow in a natural look doesn't sound bad at all.

Oscar de la Renta
That's exactly what I think of when someone asks me for the perfect runway background. That flower wall + the color scheme = love. Lace and pastels are the main attraction on this feminine collection.


Michael Kors
He also bets on natural make-up for his ladylike looks. Can't you feel the summer vibes just by looking at those outfits? Summer, don't go!

Jeremy Scott
Does this need a proper description? Just look at the last picture and tell us in comments what you think!

Betsey Johnson
Just one word: weddings! Boys wearing Supergas and v-neck tees, girls with headpieces, plastic dresses and big necklaces... and the bride wearing an extravagant mesh dress with 5 inch heels. Sounds like a fun wedding to me!

Which ones do you like?
Let us know in comments!
Are you ready for London Fashion Week?


ilgd/Ino said...

I adore the Tory Burch collection! I love the colors and the prints

mirdith said...

Oh, I can't chose only one!!!
I love the sporty chic of DKNY, the prints and that modern clothes of Custo, the designs from Vacarello for Versus Versace and the elegance of Badgley Mischka <3

JosephinaA said...

Me too!

you.sra612 said...

Like the Tory Burch, the braids at DKNY and the fun clothes at Jeremy Scott (am trying to ignore that last picture :P).
Also like The Row this season :)

JosephinaA said...


pepsijew said...

omg those hats are ridiculous! haha but im totally adoring the Badgley Mischka collection!!

Anonymous said...

I could never choose one favorite! I absolutely love Alice+Olivia and Custo Barcelona. But the dresses in Badgley Mischka are absolutely stunning. :)

Modmayhem said...

Oh hoe, hoe....Is that Miley Cyrus? O.O Why Jeremy, why?!?!
Anyway, love mostly everything, Versace was very tame for SS15 (hand clap)
Really awesome designs going around!

Juliette116 said...

As always there is some designer, who I don't like a lot and he suddenly makes a lovely collection. This year I'm in love with Michael Kors one, mostly with the floral pieces, which I'd wore myself. Of corse I like DKNY as always, and Oscar De La Renta - this lace top. So pretty! And you're not the one who likes Alice+Olivia collection, I love it's colors.
About the ones I don't like: Versus looks like every Versace collection, I prefered the previous ones, which was much fun and "young". I just don't like Betsey Johnson which is always so kitsch, I know that was the plan... but I don't buy it.


Alice+Olivia,Bagley Mischka & Zac Posen would be my favorites.
Could I describe them in one word? Perfection :)
Now,waiting for London Fashion week,it's usually one if the best for me ;)

JanaStarlite said...

My favorite is DVF. Love the punch of color amidst the black and white--which is a favorite combo for me.
Everything is really fun and I'd buy Stardoll versions of most. Exception being the Rag and Bone. Not for me!

JosephinaA said...

Yes, it's her o.o

JosephinaA said...

I'm sure Stardoll will use some of them for next year, let's just hope the graphics will be ok *fingers crossed*

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