Saturday, September 20, 2014


Ok this was so hard. There were so many amazing entries.. but there were a few people that dominated all 3 days of this competition.

I tried to mix it up a bit, but at the same time I had to give credit to those who just killed it! I don't do this often, so here goes:

My over all winner was Pinklovelemons! Like I said she just killed it each day and for that she wins an extra $100sd to add to her prize money.

Also, I MUST mention that both ilgd and Pepsijew also had 3 days of amazing entries. They win an extra $50sd each.

I literally tried to rotate these 3 in the results because they were being voted to win each day. 

Congrats ladies!

DAY 1:
This was last 2 pages of your closet challenge. Everyone did a great job with what they had and some were luckier than others with what was on those last pages.

1. Pinklovelemons
She wins $100sd

2. ilgd
She wins $50sd

3. Pepsijew
She wins$25sd

Honorable Mention: Amaia_Estebanez,  Krissik26, Missladyanjah
They each win a wishlist gift valued at $12sd or less.

DAY 2:
In this challenge you had to mix two different distinct styles. I loved seeing what everyone came up with!

1. Platinumgals
She wins $100sd for her flapper/rocker-biker look! Great job!

2. Katya.Desmont
Our post steampunk cowgirl wins $50sd! Congrats!

3. Pinklovelemons

This was the ultimate girly/biker look! She wins $25sd

Honorable Mention: ilgd, Kickherout, Pepsijew, Radicallyval

DAY 3:
On this day they had to re-work a formal dress and make it wearable during the daytime. This was one of my favorite challenges.

1. Pepsijew

This looks amazing! She wins $100sd.

2. Kickherout

I loved this look, it really turned out fabulous! She wins $50sd.

3. ilgd

Great look! It definitely looks wearable for daytime and stylish too! She wins $25sd.

Honorable Mention: Pinklovelemons, Ka.s2, platinumgals

See collecting prizes tab for how to claim your prize. Also please combine your sd prizes whenever possible. Thanks!


Sapphire.Corele said...

Congratulations to the winners! :)

Regina226 said...

congrats x] it's funny to see the same names all the time

amaia_estebanez said...

Congrats, amazing outfits! Thanks for the honorable mention:)

Ilva said...

Congrats! I really adore Pepsijew's outfit! And that hairstyle is perfect!

xXxmalexXx stardoll name said...

All of them are well deserved :D congrats

prettyamy04- voteme4MSW :) said...


Juliette116 said...


kat hinman said...

worthy winners. loved them all!

Roxanne Gonzalez said...

Wow awesome creations and lovely talent!

Roxanne Gonzalez said...

Awesome right!

Roxanne Gonzalez said...

I actually thought hers was very awesome!

Roxanne Gonzalez said...

I think you deserved it!

Kavina said...

Beautiful! Congrats :)

📖📚 ᎶᏒᎪᏟᎬ📚📖 said...

I loved the entries for this contest! Congrats to all the winners :)

JanaStarlite said...

Every single one of these entries is amazing. Every one. I am really impressed!
I can see how tough it would be to judge amongst them!

zhan-zhan said...

so congrats.. to alll

MissLadyAnjah said...

Congrats to the winners, well deserved indeed!
And thank u for my H.M. :)

katyperrycupcak said...

congrats :)

Katya.desmont said...

Congrats to the winners... it was a great competition!

Nalco said...

Congrats to the winners!!! Nice inspirations!!!

Modmayhem said...

Everyone did so good! This was tough to judge!

JosephinaA said...

Congrats :)

amaia_estebanez said...

Thank you (:

Platinumgals said...

Thank youuu, I can't believe I actually win something, everyone looked so gorgeous! I truly am honored to be picked along with the rest of the winners, especially kickherout. I have always adore her style ❤

Pinklovelemons said...

Such a nice surprise <3 Love all the entries here *O* congrats to err body

andreababy05 said...

congrats girls really well done*-*

Green_Eye_Angel said...

The main reason why I love the fashion challenges (and theme day for that matter) is because they really spark up the creativity. Everyone has done an outstanding job and I do not envy the judges - it must have been pretty hard. Congratulations to the winners - you guys deserve it!

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