Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Launch my line

In this round the 16 finalists from Part 2 will submit their final completed collection.

The judges will narrow it down to the top 5 collections. The finalists full collections will be displayed on our blog as a part of our SMW Fashion Week Celebration. (Please keep your designs as if you make the top 5, you will have to do further screen shots for us).

The winner will be chosen from a poll here on the blog during Fashion Week the week of Sept 29th.

TWIST: Because  there were several people that were so close, I have altered the rules a bit. If you are not on the list of finalists, you can still choose to present your entire line in the final round. It could be our picture wasn't clear, your presentation wasn't the best or just that you didn't submit enough of your line to give us a good look.

Therefore, if you still submit your final line and we like it more then one of the finalists, you can bump them out of the competition!

Submit your completed collection
Click HERE

Submit all collections in the comments section of our comps blog. 
Comments are set to private so only the moderators can view them.

Be sure to include a bare minimum of 5 clothing pieces (Max 10 not including accessories). 

Please remember you must have a minimum of 3 accessories. These 3 are not counted as part of the min 5-10 items need for your collection. While you can have as many of any type of Stardesign accessories as you like (to enhance your line) you can only include 1 minor accessory. For example, either 1 jewelry item OR 1 shoe item as a part of your mandatory 3 accessories. Main accessories would include handbags and scraves.

Example Collection: By hollyoaksrocks*

Other Guidelines:
~You do not have to buy the items if you don't want and it doesn't have to be fancy, however a little creativity in the way you present it can't hurt! 

~If you don't wish to buy them, simply take a pic of them after created in Stardesign. You can leave them as is or photo edit them on to mannequins.

~You can use a photoshop (Paint, Gimp etc..) to help with presentation. However, you can NOT photo edit clothing positioning.

~You can use ANY Stardoll mannequin in your displays. I will also allow medoll mannequins if you remove the face etc..

~You can use items from Basics shop or other PLAIN SOLID COLOR items to pair with your clothing as approved during PART 2. You can also create plain items in Stardesign to pair with it. This is for presentation purposes only and will not be included as part of your collection. 

For example: you can pair a basics or plain top with the Stardesign pants jeans or Stardesign top with jeans or plain pants etc..  These are not counted as a part of your line.
If you are unsure of an item please post the items you would like to use in comments.

~ You can also use Non-Stardesign jewelry, belts and shoes ONLY for presentation purposes.

~Sceneries are also a good place to make your preview presentation more creative.

~You can create your items on another account, however please comment on that accounts presentation that it belongs to you. 

~All designs must be created by you and can not be replicated from a real life designer. For example you can not recreate logo's like Gucci, Chanel, Hello Kitty etc..

~Please keep all designs until  the end of the comp as they must be able to be sold and used in Fashion Week.

Due by 12:00pm Sept 18, 2014

*Any collections unanimously voted in the top 5 by our Judges Panel will win $50sd.
We (Judges) will choose the top 5 collections to make it through to the final round. 
*(This number may be more if it is close)*

Any other questions ask in comments

Click HERE to go to original post

The grand prize winner will receive..

$1000sd or the equivalent Superstar Package 
(if attainable for your country).


the choice of one of these rare items.

May 2007 HB  or Dkny Bike 
or Dkny Skyscraper Dress
Interviewed and featured on SMW
Line promoted on SMW and on Stardoll
SMW Top Designer for SMW Shop (Coming Soon)
Judge for next SMW Fashion Week.

Please remember:


~ You must be a follower of both this blog and member of club Hotbuys_Bazaar.
~ You must register in the chat box. Click HERE for details.
~ Screen prints must be large and clear. Please crop to show only your entry.
~ Can be created from Stardesign
~ Post pic in comments, I will not view links.
~ Don't forget to leave your Stardoll Name
~ Only one entry per person or ip address. 
~ Be creative AND stylish
~ Please read all steps thoroughly and follow rules. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.


dodomatrix said...

Good luck

prettyamy04- voteme4MSW :) said...

Good luck :) can't wait to see your designs xx

xXAnniquegXx said...

I better get started! Thank you so much!

_inda_ said...

congrats to the finalists!

1sesy98 said...

yayyy I'm in! I have to work a lot

Prizla said...

OMG!! I'm in the finalist! I'm so busy with MSW, but I'll work so hard for this comp! :) Really thank you w.w

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) said...

MY GOSH!!!!! Me and Annie will work hard

liz (Lisa---s) said...

Since the competition for me is over I just really want to show my entry if that's ok :3 maybe others can get inspired?? wishing all designers goodluck!!

xXAnniquegXx said...


Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

Very cute!

1sesy98 said...

I have a question :) Can I change the outfit of my preview?

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) said...

I love it!!!

1sesy98 said...

Another question haha :) I have to put 3 accessories in y collection, I did one pair of earrings, one bag and one necklace ...it's okay? (all made with stardesign)

Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

Change it in what way?

Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

You will need to do another accessory like scarf or another bag.

1sesy98 said...

Change the style, I mean change the basic tshirt from basic with others

1sesy98 said...

thank you:)

SoulGina said...

So cute! :3

Paper hearts said...

aww you should've entered these! :'< so freaking cute!

liz (Lisa---s) said...

I did enter sadly my entry didn't arrive! :( But it's ok the finalists designs are amazing

Emorox4eva/Jenna said...


Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

Yes sorry. They were suppose to be posted to our comps blog not emailed. Sorry. Also you were not allowed to use RL logo/characters. Thanks

1sesy98 said...

I send the collection :)

Jillian - Liljsweetie said...

AHHHHH Hey Jenna I was in the hospital and totally missed the deadline, what was I thinking, can I, may I please still submit, I'm totally brain dead! XP I apologize I would have totally done this correctly, but I was out of it yesterday haha. XP I feel like a nut because I thought it was the 30th XD ahhhh

Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

Yes you can. Hope you are feeling better and it wasn't too serious :)

Jillian - Liljsweetie said...

Thank you so much, it was an infusion XP I was pretty knocked out for most of it, but woke up pretty sick and dizzy, it was a bit odd this time around. I'll send everything right in :D Thank you

Jillian - Liljsweetie said...

The kitttyyyyyyy <3 Me wanntttsss <3 hehehe

lovable_emo22 said...

hope you feel better soon hun, its never good seeing somone unwell.

lovable_emo22 said...

Did you receive my entry Jenna?

Jillian - Liljsweetie said...

Thank you so much :) It's hard, I have an incurable illness and so usually i do fine with my infusions but this time was really weird :\

lovable_emo22 said...

oh my! I dont even know what to say! hope everything is well. :*

Jillian - Liljsweetie said...

I'm doing much better this past day then I was before <3 Less feeling lie I'm gonna toss my cookies XD

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