Saturday, September 6, 2014

SMW's Got Talent: Featured Talent

Thanks so much for sharing your skills and talents with us. After a long time we're finally bringing back SMW's Got Talent, we'll be posting our choices every week from now on. If you haven't sent us your photos/videos/drawings etc. yet, be sure to check out the main SMW's Got Talent post by clicking HERE :)

This week I decided to feature two followers with amazing skills of jewellery crafting. Let me introduce you the work of ilgd and mamerala with their own descriptions included to the photos.

 Congratulations! They get to choose either:

  A GRAB BAG item

See Grab Bag HERE.
(Please note this constantly changes so we will show an updated one at the time)


"I've started crafting almost five years ago, I see this more like a skill than a talent. I started with small easy crafts like felt coin purses. And then I discovered jewelry crafting. I experiment with a lot of materials from rope and polymer clay to bottle caps, bolts and resin. I especially like making rings. My first ring was the Amelie bottle cap (1st pic left) and my most recent is the industrial large ring (1st pic right). My favourite of the bunch is the Audrey Hepburn ring!"


"Well since childhood, maybe 5 or something, I loved playing with small real saws and cut stuff as if I was carpenter, you might say I was copying someone but no, none of my family was a carpenter or even know this work, I just loved cutting stuff and know how, after few years maybe 7-8, I started my interest in tricks, learning few by time, then at school I was making small paper boxes, my first handi-crafts.

After few more years, maybe I was 10-12 I saw the Illusionist movie, I got obsessed with the locket and its trick, I swore I must have it by anyway. My parents laughed and told me no one can make it for you. I said ok, but I didn't give up, then by luck, when I started talking about it again in front of my uncle, he told me he got a few wood pieces workers left after decorating his house and they left a saw (the one like a ruler) too, so I told him if I can try with that.

I started working and working, but I was noob and didn't get any help, my parents were buying tools slowly. I kept watching all tutorials people made, but I was still having issues figuring it out after about 5 years from trying. I made it but I wasn't sure how the picture moved without being cut in two halves, then I remembered this trick when we move magnets to pull something secretly and that was it, the magnet should pull the picture from side to middle when I open it.

I didn't have enough, while I was making it I kept making more accessories, they might be low quality and get rusted fast but I love wearing them. I refuse paying on fake accessories. It's been about 8 years working on accessories for real, now I stopped a little and moved to writing." 



📖📚 ᎶᏒᎪᏟᎬ📚📖 said...

I love how different their styles are. My favorites are LIGD's blue bracelet set and mamerala's tiara. Great job both of you :)

۞iStefany- said...

Beautiful creations! I'm in love with the ring. Congratulations to the winner!

Andrew Vanwyngasm said...

Congrats to both of you, I love how different they both are. These are great!

Rosie/Rose_Jean said...

Good work to both girls!

dl.eclipse said...

Congrats girls! I absolutely love your creativity, it is very inspiring, especially because I'm always lazy and even if I want to make something, I give up easily :P

Minxingmaniac < Stardoll Acc. said...

Congrats! I love the rings *-*

I was just wondering what happened about prizes from last month's winners, as i haven't heard about mine yet?

Maurice/Kickherout said...

girls, you should definitely consider launching an Etsy shop :)

you.sra612 said...

very creative!! congrats :)

Sweet_gal11 said...

Wow! They are both so creative and the jewelry is stunning! Congrats! I entered as well. I hope you like my art. :P

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