Tuesday, March 17, 2015

An introduction

A huge hello to the readers of SMW and players of Stardoll! I’m the newest writer for this excellent blog, and perhaps introductions are in order.

You may or may not remember me but my name is Nimka (N1mka4eva), and in fact I wrote for SMW 4 years ago at the height of Stardoll society when the blogging community ruled! Since then most blogs have died, and those the quality of those that live on has gone extremely downhill - however, this beloved site has stayed iconic and true to it’s roots - still holding amazing competitions for you all and writing about the newest updates, which is why I’m so honoured to be back. 

I have always believed that the most important part of blogging is the readers, without you, where would we be? I will be writing a few weekly posts including runway inspired & special makeup tutorials, how to style clothes, reviews, exclusive interviews, trend and anti-trend of the week, and much much more! I’m so excited to see this blog become even more influential, inspiring and entertaining just like the glory days, but we’re going to need you readers to support us, can we count on you? It’s time to come home.

Nimka <3 

PS. If you have any specific ideas you want for posts or makeup/outfit looks please comment so I can take them into consideration. 

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