Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Strawberry Milkshake Makeup Tutorial!

Hello dolls, Nimka here, and I'm finally making another makeup tutorial for you after a busy Stardoll week! Not so long ago, the season finally changed from chilly winter to Spring, the season of pastel colours, growing flowers, new beauty and the beginning of the sunny days. This is why, instead of doing runway inspired makeup I have decided to do my own version of spring look titled 'Strawberry Milkshake' so we can say a big farewell to winter. Let's start!

Step 1: Lips!
For the lip products we will be using the Dot royal white lipstick, Dot powder pink lipstick, Transform essential pink lipgloss, and Transform geisha lipgloss.

After you have taken off all your makeup, jewellery, and tied your hair back start with the Dot royal white lipstick and put just one layer, this will create a good base for the pinks. After this, put one coat of the essential pink lipgloss, and be careful not to overdo it as this gloss gets dark pink very quick! Next we're going to put a slight bit of the powder pink lipstick on in the middle to make it stand out more, and lastly put the tiniest amount of the geisha lipgloss around the edges to add some shine, and make the look a little more au natural.

Step 2: Eyes, part 1!
For the first part of the eyes we want to use the Dot white collection liquid liner, Dot royal white eyepencil (mine is old, but the same one is in Dot) and a pink/beige colour eyepencil of your choice, I have chosen pink!

We want to use the white collection liquid liner to create a cute girly cat eye which goes under the bottom lashes to lighten up the eyes, after that apply the pink (or whichever you chose) eyepencil, but only put it on the ends of your eyes - so start from the end of the white flick, and draw it thick on just before the middle of the eye pupil. Next, use your royal white eye pencil to draw a softly smudged liner on the inner corners of the eye, and again then go to the middle of the eye.

Eyes, part 2!
Next we're going to be finishing the eyes with powders and mascara! We are using the Dot powder pink eyeshadow, Dot royal white shade stick, and the Dot grey ghost volume mascara.

We don't want to do a crazy amount of eyeshadow just to keep the makeup clean and cute, so get your powder pink eyeshadow and start it at the inner corner of your eye, to just before the end of the cat eye, and do 2 layers of this, remember not to go above the crease! Then use your white shadestick and put it just under the brow and a little over the pink to highlight. When you've done this use your grey ghost volume mascara, this is better than the pure white mascara as it's softer and not so harsh or 'eye popping'.

Step 3: Brows and Blush!
For blush we're going to use the Dot grey ghost blush, and the Dot powder pink blush. I haven't shown which eyebrow pencil to use, as I have done white to match my doll and I'm very aware that this colour is not for everyone - so just choose what suits you!

Whatever you do with your brow colour, remember to keep it soft - no angles, because it would add an unfortunate edge to the makeup and make it look odd and not matching. With the blush put two coats of the grey blush, and one coat of the pink blush - we just want a warm rosy glow.

Step 4: Accessories!
For the last part we're going to be using the Splendid pink hair accessory, it's the perfect finish as it's sparkly and like a bow, so adorable. Just resize and rotate to fit however you want.

And......... TA DA!

 Hurray! As you can see I also added some diamond earrings for the corners of my eye, you can try this too with whatever earrings you want (personally I think pearls would be PERFECT). What do you all think of this completed Spring-time Strawberry Milkshake look?! Will you be re-creating it, and are you excited to change your fashion sense and makeup for spring? Let me know in comments, and remember you can always suggest new looks for me to try.

Until next time, Nimka! X


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