Monday, March 9, 2015

New Floor of Bizou

After an insane sale frenzy this weekend, the super oldie (BUT goodie) clothing of Pretty n' Love, IT Girls and Bizou is now gone - which means it's time for new collections, so expect to see more releases coming in the upcoming weeks. The first store to get an update is Bizou, inspired by effortless style and Isabel Marant. The collection consists of denim, plaid and basic must-have pieces. Prices range between 3 and 22 stardollars and there are two starcoin items. The Tartan Wool Coat is for Royalty only.

Personally I'm not really keen on this release, the Tartan Coat is the only item I'd buy right away if my Royalty membership didn't expire last Friday LOL. I keep my opinion that I'd LOVE to see more special items. I'll probably make a post about runway suggestions, so if you have any ideas regarding any collections that we could submit to Stardoll, do not hesitate to comment.


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