Sunday, March 15, 2015

Get The Look + New way of choosing models

This time is dedicated to my least favorite article of clothing - the ugg boots. From the early 2000s until today, uggs have been more or less popular. Some were worn by celebrities, some designed by Michael Kors. They're worn by toddlers, teens, grown ups, even some older people. Claimed to be comfortable and warm and therefore perfect for cold fall and winter days, these boots are still worn even with shorts in the middle of summer. Some critize them and claim they're not good for the feet and that they don't give enough of support for the ankles, but yet uggs stay on their peak. 
So lets check two outfits with these so popular boots. 

NEW WAY OF PICKING MODELS: Answer the question at the end of the post, and the winners will be randomly selected. Winner will become an instant model for the next edition of Get The Look. You can only be model once per month. 

model: iStefany-

December 2003, one of the world's most famous models is wandering across the cold streets of London. She's hiding her eyes behind the black glasses, but her outfit can not stay hidden away from the paparazzi and true fashion lovers. She's wearing washed out jeans and ugg boots, together with a black turtleneck and fur vest. Perfect outfit, if you're still in 2003. Still, this was one of the rare outfits with uggs that I could look at and not cringe (blame it on my hate towards them). In case you want to wear this on stardoll, you can buy the jeans, boots and shirt in Plaza. Vest is in StarBazaar and the bag is from the last season of LE, so you'll need to wait little longer to be able to find it on Bazaar.

model: ashleybaby93

Don't be tricked by the blond hair, it's still the same Selma that played Vivian in Legally Blonde and Cecile in Cruel Intentions. Selma is off to buy some groceries and of course she's wearing the uggs. She paired them up with ripped pants and an oversized shirt. Selma is little less in early 2000's, and at least she's not wearing washed out pants. In case you want to find these items, most of them are still in Plaza. The Karl Who bag (Chanel Decor) is available in the Bazaar. Ugg boots are the same deal as the LE bag from the previous look. 

QOTW: What is your opinion on the uggs, both on Stardoll and in real life?

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