Sunday, March 29, 2015

Making your perfect room

There can't be better time for decorating your room on Stardoll, unless you spent all your money on Young Hollywood and Wild Candy. Even in that case, 75% sale in Bling Bling and Glamour is the opportunity you just have to take. With over 100 items on sale and prices ranging from 1 to 8 stardollars and under 30 starcoins, designing suites has never been cheaper. Add some freebies and items you already had and you'll get a cheap and pretty room. Just in case you're still unsure on how to do it, here are a few basic tips. 

If you're not sure what items to buy from the sale, here's my personal selection of the cutest and most useful items. I'll be happy if you like my suggestions! Once you picked a few items you like from this sale, here are few tips on how to use them well.

1. Find your inspiration. It doesn't matter if it's a photo of a real life room, a picture you have in your head or a suite of another doll. Even a piece of furniture you really want to use can be the perfect inspiration.

2. Decide what room you'll be making. Not being sure whether you want to make a bedroom, living room, kitchen or something else can ruin the fun. If you keep changing your mind, it'll just never be finished. Again, it's best to choose based on items you have. If you have a pretty bed, bedroom is an obvious choice, but if you have a writing table it's better to make a study. If you're still unsure, you can always go for multiple rooms in one, something like a loft. 

3. Choose what style you want. Of course you can mix modern and elegant, but some styles just don't work together. Pick what you like, and don't be afraid to experiment.

4. Start with interior and basic elements such as floor, windows, wallpapers and stairs. In case you don't have much money, Basic White Interior and Home Interior (USA freebie) are my personal suggestions. You can also go for a regular interior and decorate it with wallpapers, windows and similar things. 

5. Once you're done with construction, start furnishing. Main furniture items go first. Make sure that their colors fit well and layer them. No need to put all items in one strict line.

6. Fill in the room with small decorations. This is an amazing chance to use your coins. You can find many nice cushions, books and flowers to fill up the room. Remember, no need to put these in a strict line too. Flowers, books, toys and other decorations can also stand on the floor or in front of each other, not only on tables and shelves. My personal tip is to use flowers, curtains and cushions to bring in warm collors. 

7. Finally don't forget your doll. Positioning her right and choosing the outfit is as importnant as anything else. You don't want to cover the best part of the room with your doll, and you don't want the outfit to clash with the room. 

If you still need some inspiration, here are some amazing rooms, designed by our readers!

LadyAnneLena  (yes, so lame I used my own suite)

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