Monday, March 2, 2015

New Floor of Nelly

Another floor of Nelly has been released today, I have a feeling that this store is being updated more and more regularly. This collection has a true spring spirit offering mainly sorbet coloured pieces and monochromatic items for those who prefer edgy style. Prices range between 6 and 25 stardollars, there are no starcoin items but it's not surprising when it comes to Nelly.

I have to say I don't like this collection at all (although I don't mind those pumps in multiple colors) - it seems pretty basic to me, and once again the graphics are just not the best. I'd love to see more special collections released on the site instead, like, it would be great if Decades returned with a brand new historical fashion inspired range of items. I prefer to wear clothes and combinations on Stardoll that I normally don't dare or have the opportunity to wear in real life.

Tell me your opinion! What other stores would you like to see updated? Any real life designer brands you cannot get out of your head?


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