Friday, March 6, 2015

Museum Mile released - and it's not limited!

I swear I've JUST stepped through my apartment's door to find out the impatient waiting for the collection was completely pointless. Turns out Museum Mile is NOT limited this time, which is an extremely bothering fact after the day was spent in front of the computer by a lot of members. I usually have my Fridays off university but today I had to attend a special workshop which lasted for like 7 hours (been awake since 6 am GMT) and I've been checking Facebook for the latest updates whenever we had a short break.

After seeing the spoilers, I calmed down because the graphics were not that good I expected, the original designs were much better, even if they were done in StarDesign. It has a lot of WTF items, especially those Yorkshire Terriers and Baroque-esque paintings... and most of the items are just not shaded well enough, for example the Birkin bag, which could look amazing (if we don't take notice of the bubblegum pink color which is not as versatile anyway). My favorite item must be Lady Gaga's portrait by Sacide_Queen, I like how the background was made transparent. Also, Sziszi92's super famous Morgan Freeman wouldn't be bad either, BUT WHY IS HE BLINKING? No comment.

Prices range between 2 and 65 stardollars, not insanely high but still, it's pretty expensive for some of these things.

I must also mention that I only hate this release for the quality, not the gesture itself! I'm super glad that Stardoll decided to do a tribute to members' work and apparently they are showcasing them proudly. Also the fact that it's not limited, is a sign that you can be a part of this art no matter what. 

Only if they told us earlier...

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