Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Hello there!
How are you guys doing? I'm recovering from my flu and the post-holidays blues... ugh!
Here you have the recap for the rest of Milan Fashion Week. Let me know which ones you like the most.


These suits remind me so much of the film Clueless! It was really impressive seeing Donatella designing in other colors than black... she totally got that "fresh" and renovated look she was aiming for this season.

African turbans for the win! Lots of prints and bright colors in oversized shapes were the key for this collection. And the red lipstick made it even better.

If you look up for "Boho chic" in the dictionary, this is what you'll find. The detailing is just brilliant, and I'm sure the necklace layering trend won't be leaving anytime soon. I declare myself addicted to it!
This collection looked like a forest fairies reinventation. Full with petal appliquΓ© in skirts and dresses in all colors. It also included loads of transparencies, even getting to the point of being controversial... you remember Young Hollywood's Rihanna dress released in Stardoll, right? Well, some dresses are similar. Check them all out here.

Roberto Cavalli
This is probably my favourite collection from RC! Maybe it was because of the "all in one" factor... I mean, going from colorful dresses and a boho vibe to elegant chic going through goth glam in the same collection is not that easy!
Giorgio Armani
Pale colors and the usual elegant touch. Deep V necks, translucent pants and those comfy looking brogues were just amazing.
Bottega Veneta
As you can see, it was all about relaxed trenches, earth tones and wardrove essencials.
Going for a more futuristic impact, MSMG had oversized structured pieces and layering transparencies in mind. And also layering different types of lace.
Dolce & Gabbana
Spain traditional clothing was the main inspiration for this bejewelled (perfect) collection. I'm not a huge fan of bullfighters' apparel, but this interpretation was breathtaking. The hairstyle and accessories were also really on point! *bows down*
There was a lot of big prints, bralets, relaxed fits, mesh and what I like to call "fugly" shoes (it stands for fabulous ugly). Some bloggers including Chiara Ferragni, Anna dello Russo and Kristina Bazan were in the front row. My favourite was Kristina's outfit! (see below)
Which ones do you like the most?


πŸ“–πŸ“š αŽΆα’αŽͺαŸαŽ¬πŸ“šπŸ“– said...

I'm not too fond of the shoes from Etro, but I love the rest of the outfits. Dolce & Gabbana is the best in my opinion. :)

Floral Stardoll said...

I love Dolce <3333 Versace is cute too and i'm living for Etro's accessories

JosephinaA said...

Yes! I hope Stardoll makes some Etro and D&G!

JosephinaA said...

I'm in love with the accessories too! Versace is one of my favourites and Dolce is just *.*

dl.eclipse said...

Versace, Etro & D&G - my absolute favs

Juliette116 said...

Dolce&Gabbana was awesome, but my favorite was Bottega Veneta - I love every single piece. I want both collections, well made, on sd.

ChloeCavit said...

The Etro collection is amazing! I adore the bohemian look! :D
I really hope Stardoll introduces an Etro store!!

Rob Bentz said...

Tanks for this i love

TigerPrincess00 said...

I just love Etro's new collection (I'm in a bohemian mood right now lol) and ofcourse Dolce&Gabbana *-*

Janice the Great said...

Versace&Dolce and Gabbane are my life and my only love.And there's a proof again.Amazing.

JosephinaA said...

Me too! *fingers crossed*

LadyAnneLena said...

Vesrace,Bottega Veneta and Armani are my favorites. I love their color schemes. I also like Bluemarine. Boho is not something I wear in real life, nor on Stardoll but these look so great. I would love to see Stardoll realse some clothing inspired by all of these.

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