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London fashion week was really short... but Milan has some really good surprises prepared!



Emilio de la Morena                                                                              Fashion East    
  Mostly showing bodycon dresses in                                                 The future boho style, layering all    
                               metallic colors.                                                     kind of mesh fabrics, prints and using body jewelry.



Alberta Ferretti
Here you have the guide to get the perfect bohemian romantic look. First step, pastels colors and brown shades. Second step, keep an eye on the materials... lace, flowers, silk, crochet, transparencies and tassels! At last, add some brown eyeshadow and pink lipstick and... done!
Take a look at the catwalk video for more outfits and some backstage images to get a sneakpeek on how they made their make-up.

Buttoned up jackets, oriental inspiration, sparkly details, earth tones... that's what summer/spring collection is about. Check out the full collection in the video below.


Inspired in... Barbie! This fun collection full of bubblegum pink outfits and bright prints includes
phone cases, caps and even backpacks. All the models were styled as Barbie and it's not so strange coming from Jeremy Scott but I really think no one saw this coming!

This time, dark colors with light lines across the designs were chosen as the main pattern. Knee length socks with boots or mary jane shoes as well as printed coats. Make-up was essencially the cat eye, and the background represented lavender dunes.

Making colorblock come back to the catwalk along with pleather in bright colors. Prints, lines, beautiful sandals and feathers in colors as well. Everything combined with nerdy sunglasses.

Just cavalli
Full of flowy skirts, halter necks, cut out dresses and mixed patterns, this new collection looks amazing!

The color scheme this time is black, white, blue and a glimpse of red. Feathers didn't leave for the summer collection and tassels are present too. Cat eye sunglasses, mini-bags with the characteristic keychains and cut out shoes are the key to get the Fendi look.

Emporio Armani
Maxi stripes, relaxed trousers, structured crop tops, blue shades... and a lot of sporty chic outfits. Staying true to his favourite color scheme, the creations didn't disappoint. And those mini purses are really pretty, don't you think?

This collection is screaming "70s are back!". Micro flower prints and khaki had the main role, along with the hats and knee high boots.

Which ones do you like?

Let me know the outfits/shows you like the most in comments. I'm currently working on making graphics for some of the most wanted ítems just for fun and I could really use some of your help!

Here's a preview with one of Christopher Kane's skirts.



۞iStefany- said...

Moschino is one of my favorite ones, along with Fendi. They made a great job.

Haya said...

Prada is my absolute favorite, the outfits are colors were perfect. Also, one word: Gemma Ward.
I also liked Armani, Fendi, and MaxMara.
I didn't feel excited for Moschino, cause the Barbie outfits kind of looked tacky. :-/

JosephinaA said...

Yes, I'm so glad Gemma is back from her hiatus! I felt really sorry for her, she really has the potential to be a top model :)

Haya said...

Isn't she a top model already? Did you meant that she lost her name cause she was away from modeling for 8 years? Anyways everyone . missed her, even the runway missed her :3

you.sra612 said...

For LFW second part i liked Preen Line and See by Chloe and MFW the new Giamba. All very youthful :)

JosephinaA said...

Yes, but I'm sure she'll make everyone notice her again and get to the point where, for example, Joan Smalls is right now in the industry :)

JosephinaA said...

I loved Preen Line and See by Chloé as well! So bad the post was already too long to feature them T.T

Jillian - Liljsweetie said...

I wanna travel and see these so bad <3 hahaha Moschino looks HOT! I'm good with the others but that collection looks smoking and cute! <3 Fashion kills me haha Because I love runway looks but half of these you know aren't going to sell besides to magazines for their models to wear, or celebrities. Normal people and even celebrities wear NORMAL clothing, of course these all look moderately wearable to anything <3 But still haha. <3 anyway! Love LFW and wish I could go, always have wanted to hahaha<3
Thanks for the lovely post <3 You put so much work into it <333

Juliette116 said...

I love MFW for it's fresh, 70's style. Feretti and Max Mara were great as always! Also some of the Gucci's outfits were looking lovely. I like Fendi and Giamba - which suprised me a lot, but my favorite was probably See by Chloe. I love every piece, watching it made me want all this clothes! As always I was waiting for Moschino, which was one of my favorite brands before J.Scott's era. Now I watch it just becouse of curiousity. As I thought I didn't like McDonald's collection, now besides the Barbie one it isn't so bad. S/s2015 was too kitsh, but I'm sure it became hit. Only thing I liked were mirror looking phone cases. Btw here some outfits I like the most:

Rosie/Rose_Jean said...

I wish all of the models didn't have to be so skinny... At least they're not all white though, I guess that's some progress..

Moschino looks nice, I hope they make another tribute for it on Stardoll.

JosephinaA said...

I totally agree, the 70% of the outfits I love the most are things that I know I would never wear in RL hahaha but I think the most wearable outfits come from LFW!

Thank you ♥ and me too! I'm planning to go next year, let's see if it happens :D

JosephinaA said...

He already made Coca Cola's parody! I didn't expect this, so I have no idea what brand will be next... His designs are really original and funny, but I would only consider the phone cases xD
It's funny how last year the inspiration was the 60's and now it's the 70's... I guess 80's for next year?

Juliette116 said...

Oh, I didn't notice that, I'm not follwing his shows. So I don't have any ideas for the next collection. I know it's fun, but nothing else. Well, I think it's just because some of the "main" brands inspired 70's. And in the same time 70's and hippie style are some kind of all time inspirations for some brands like Cavalli, Pucci etc.

Jillian - Liljsweetie said...

Right? I love them, but then I think... is this wearable? haha. Yeah LFW had some amazing clothing being shown!

:O that's awesome! That would be an experience of a life time! :)

zaixhi stardoll said...

I want Gucci and Prada ^_^

JosephinaA said...

I'm sure I replied to you but my answer is gone o.o
Well, I think the same! I hope it keeps progressing... a lot still has to be done about it!

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