Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Finally, the results of Design Wars are in and the next round is released at the bottom.  This was a really hard dress to make your own, but many of you did an amazing job. 

There were 47 entries, 27 will pass on to the next round. To continue, you had to receive at least 1 vote from 1 of the 6 judges who judged this round. In general I do not carry over this many, but because there was such a long time in judging this comp, I know we will have some who do not continue. There were also many people that were neck and neck with the votes. 

Because of the long wait, I will comment each person's guestbook. I apologize for that and I promise that the next rounds will move more quickly. Thanks.

The contestants making it through to the next round are: 

The top 3 people received unanimous votes from all 4 judges. Because of this I changed the rules a little bit and decided each of them wins $50sd and immunity for the next round.
The rest of the list is in no particular order.

1. Liljsweetie - done
2. TheGalaxyGirl - done
3.1sesy98 - done
4. Pandaribbon - done
5. BerryLolita - done
6. Beniiik - done
7. Whatsernam3 - done
8. Emilynicoleee - done
9. Booklover29 - done
10. Missladyanjah - done
11. Amy235 - done
12. Coolgirl999mega - done
13. Bella98Twilight - done
14. Ambrosey1 - done
15. Mia.07.05. quitted
16. Minxingmaniac - done
17. _inda_ - done
18. Lily-Ariana quitted 
19. zhan-zhan - done
20. Lusy19000 - done
21. Prizla - done
22. daddysgurrl - done
23. Lara_klc - done
24. Katyperrycupcak - done
25. Dont_read_it - done
26. RadicallyValeliminated
27. Krissik26 - eliminated

Followers who haven't done Round 2 yet are highlighted in blue.

To see the wonderful designs from the first round click HERE.
Congratulations on making it through to the next round!


****Please remember, you can only participate in this round if you are one of the 27 people listed above,*****

Design BOTH these pants and this bag. They must coordinate.

Take a screen print and post the pic in comments. Please make sure it is large enough to see details and clear. This really hindered some people in round 1.

Last day to enter Sept 17, 2014 12:00pm USA EST 

Please remember:

PHOTO EDITING of background or to place clothes on mannequin ONLY  

~ You must be a follower of both this blog and member of club Hotbuys_Bazaar.
~ You must be registered in the chat box. Click HERE for details.
~ Screen prints must be LARGE AND CLEAR. Please crop to show only your entry.
~ Post pic in comments, I will not view links.
~ Don't forget to leave your Stardoll Name
~ Only one entry per person or ip address. 
~ Be creative, original and stylish. You want to stand out!
~It is not necessary to buy items
~Can display items in stardesign, on mannequin or on medoll
~ Please read all steps thoroughly and follow rules. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.


The designer left standing after round 4 will win $500sd 
the choice of
one of these old HB's from 2006-2007



prettyamy04- voteme4MSW :) said...

Congrats guys!! Wish you all the very best :) xx

_inda_ said...

I will continue! soon i'll post my entry! thank you

_inda_ said...

My entry:
Stardoll name:_inda_

amy235 said...

Thank you for selecting me! I would love to continue on with the comp :) I will post my entry later this week.

dodomatrix said...

Good luck *-*

ⓙⓤⓢⓣ ⓐ ⓕⓡⓔⓐⓚ said...

mine are bad ik

kat hinman said...

pandaribbon. the pants dont look too great (i wish you could place items exactly where you wanted them rather than this tiling thing)

Jillian - Liljsweetie said...

Thanks for the add in on this one! <3 So excited to continue. ( again I apologize my entire space in materials is taken up for the other design comp - but I tried to zoom in and out of the fabrics for some different looks, thought the heart looked like a patch piece <3) Thanks so much!! <3 - liljsweetie

Jillian - Liljsweetie said...

super cute!!!

Daffy said...

And here's my entry :)

1sesy98 said...

I'm so happy !!! So I won 50 stardollars? And also if I have the immunity I have to do this round?

bella98twilight said...

So I was actually inspired by the show "adventure time" and I decided to make sth more fun. I actually decided to create a short story : on the trousers you can see some polaroid photos "hanging" out, until (on the bag) the camera comes and starts bullying both the green and blue photos while the pink and orange photos are coming to rescue them. I hope it's not too childish haha

bella98twilight said...

I think the bag didn't show

zhan-zhan said...

yes... but iwill send the photos tomorrow...

Ms.Brigitte said...

Yes and you have to do the task anyway :)

lara_klc said...

tribal print pants and matching bag in same colors
tnx to all who voted for me in 1st round :)

emilynicoleee (SD) said...

tie dye patterns :)

katyperrycupcak said...

I feel totally outclassed but anyways.... here's my entry!
both have subtle checked print on them.

zhan-zhan said...

heres mine.. i am inspired of so much animal print.. so i did it too..

zhan-zhan said...

sorry for too much contrast!!!

TheGalaxyGirl said...

This is my take on the coordinated bag and jeans. I made some distressed jeans and a bag which appears ripped and the things inside are starting to fall.

MissLadyAnjah said...

Ok, I'm a bit embarrased cuz mine is really bad...

1sesy98 said...

That's mine! user: 1sesy98

1sesy98 said...


Prizla said...

Here is mine ♥ Hope you like it ♥ Prizla :)

ambrosey1/ria said...

my entry :)

beniiik said...

Just saying I am going to take part in this part of the competition, as soon as I have created something I can see as worthy of competing against some of the stuff you guys are entering. With my lack of creativity or originality I'm astonished I have gotten into this round at all!

Ms.Brigitte said...

OMG these are totally awesome!!

DediCATion said...


Paper hearts said...

mines :D

beniiik said...

Okay, this is the result of my humble efforts...

πŸ“–πŸ“š αŽΆα’αŽͺαŸαŽ¬πŸ“šπŸ“– said...

Unfortunately it's a bit blurry.
Music sheet purse and piano pants :)

πŸ“–πŸ“š αŽΆα’αŽͺαŸαŽ¬πŸ“šπŸ“– said...

I love this! If I had spare sd, I'd probably buy them :)

amy235 said...

Here's my entry! I hope you guys like it :) Username: amy235

BerryLolitta said...

I'm hoping I've made it in, I had a blonde moment first time I viewed this and didn't see my name lol, Username: BerryLolitta

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