Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Cycle: Task 5 - Earth, Wind, Fire and Ice

Hi y’all!

I wanted to get the task up before updating scores and sending feedback so within a few hours everyone will able to see their scores using the link below.

So this week I found myself in a dilemma. I had the scores for everyone and the polling results. I knew which people should go home but for some reason I just couldn't eliminate anyone. I found that the people who were going to be eliminated were some of the one's who worked the hardest in this task and really stepped up their game. Because of this, no one will be eliminated for this task. Moving forward with next cycles that I host, I won't be eliminating anyone. One reason is because cycles are used to help people grow but how can someone continue to grow if they get eliminated. I'll discuss at a later time my plan for the next cycle but this week everyone is safe!

When it comes to choosing a winner, the places and prize still stand; however, everyone who completes the final task will receive a prize of some sort!

This week the task is to create TWO different outfits based on one of the elemental combinations below:

Fire & Ice
Earth & Wind
Fire & Earth

You must choose one of the three combos above. You must do two different outfits. Your can choose to mix the combos in each outfits or have an outfit for each element.

I will post my example by the end of this week so you can see what I mean!

You are allowed to use decor or scenery! It is actually highly recommended. Be sure to step your games up and show us how creative you can really get!
Grading: 10 points for the cohesiveness of your first outfit, 10 points for the cohesiveness of your second outfit, 10 points for making sure the elements are represented in the outfits.

Questions judges will ask themselves include: Is this outfit cohesive color wise and piece wise? Is it clear that the elements are represented? Did this person step outside of the box and their comfort zone?

This task will be due next Saturday June 1st by 11:59PM EST, giving you over a week to complete this task.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


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