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June 2018 Recap

Pretty N Love

With Summer brightening up the Northern hemisphere, it's no surprise Pretty N Love is bright, florally, and fun. Unfortunately, the prints and graphics weren't to many people's tastes, and the majority of us were left feeling underwhelmed.

arwin_linda made two fab looks using the new collection though!



In a bizzare, baffling, and unexpected turn of events, we had a new release of a previously removed store - Sprinkled. Why, nobody really knows. It's especially weird conscidering how little we actually see of our doll's hands in the suite.

Game Of Luck

SMW's Game Of Luck has once again begun, with the contestants battling it out once again in an entirely lucky-reliant, random-number fashion. Who will survive? Who knows!


Once again, in the spirit of Summer, Riviera has reappeared. Feelings were mixed, more due to a general lack of interest in beach clothes though as most were satisfied with the new clothing and the prices were fairly reasonable.

Lula rocked it out like a watermellon though:


The Uglies

My ongoing series aims to challenge SMW members to style ugly or difficult pieces from the starplaza! From bizarre colours to ostentatious shapes, there's no lack of weird and wonderful items to be styled.

Basics Decor

It's been a while since Basics had an update, and while the colour palette was a bit questionable, the prices and graphics were exactly what many of us have been hoping for.

Limited Edition

I don't think anyone liked this collection much at all (and if they did, they'd be sent right back to fashion school to get their heads checked.)

I think Anja's poem sums it up quite nicely:

Evil Panda

June in Pride Month in the US (where I live, it's celebrated in February,) and as such, Stardoll decided a rainbow-themed Evil Panda was required.

Personally, I'm annoyed, as Evil Panda is supposed to be a Japanese-inspired Street Style store, not just...rainbows. And then there's the fact that stardoll STILL bans words actually related to sex and sexuality. So basically, all they're really doing here is profiting nicely while not actually doing all that much to support the LGBT+ communities within stardoll.

Many of you also disliked the fact that the store was entirely stereotypical, yet at the same time, almost boring. Most were underwhlemed at the items and graphics which did not help matters.

WildChrissie still looks good though:


Pop Shop

Wonderfully, they've brought in more LGBT+ flags! I wish they weren't in Stardollars, but I guess we can't have everything.

But the worst crime of all? They brought back GENDER LABELED CLOTHING! FOR A PRIDE STORE!!!! I cannot even comprehend who on earth thought that was a good idea.

Pride Campaigns:

Many were initially excited about the possibility of Stardoll actually opening up to LGBT+ concepts, where they've previously been ignored or avoided, but the actual resulting items and ideas were, at best, underwhelming.

The quizzes had some intriguing answers, for anyone so obliged to look them up,  and the

By some miracle, Starbloggers were allowed to use words like 'bisexual' - yet when I type something so innocent as a gender, half my comment will get asterisked (*) out.

So, while I'm happy they're acknowledging the existence of pride and LGBT+ members of Stardoll, I'm more than a bit concerned that they missed the larger point in favour of making trendy rainbow-sparkle clothes.

aquastar221  made a crown more than perfect for Pride (and definitely genderless:)

Tress Up

Once again, the 'Top Artist' has...something. Because all of the resulting Tress Up wigs look truly horrendous.

Part of me would like to think they just didn't look that good, or have that many options to choose from, to begin with. But honestly? I know better.

And besides BP hairs are rather outdated these days. As much as I like the idea of being able to re-colour my hair any which way, the fact that they're unlayerable is plenty enough to put me off buying one.

And apparently, none of you were impressed, either, as so far not a single doll has posted a picture wearing one!

Museum Mile: Givenchy Tribute

Marking the first Tribute store of the season, reactions were mixed over this Givency-themed release. Many were surprised that, unlike previous Museum Mile tributes, this one was not limited. It also contained re-designed pieces that were previously seen in Decades and other stores, which on it's own is unfortunate, does at least spark some hope that the other tributes won't just be based around releases of this current season. The prices were lower than previous seasons, too.

giannoula5 compared the DECADES and MUSEUM MILE versions:


Fever Returns

Most of us were a mix of disinterest, displeasure, and outright horror.

You can read my less-than-flattering review HERE.

What did you think of June? Are you looking forward to July?


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