Thursday, June 7, 2018

The Game of Luck Season 2 RESTART

About a year ago, I started The Game of Luck! It lasted two months and we chose a winner, CosimaSaskia! It averaged over 200 views a post, and was supported HEAVILY by all of you! I am so thankful for that! You all have waited for a NEW season, and I am HERE to tell you that a NEW season is ABOUT TO START. Around November, I experienced the hardest part of my life! I needed a break. Now I am back so excited to restart.

This season will be even more interactive than last season! Lets get into some details

The Game of Luck SEASON 2 will take about 2-3 months to complete! In the beginning The Game of Luck will host a sign up, and whoever signs up in the specific amount of days we allow entries will have a chance to be apart of the Top 16 contestants. 
When we have those final contestants I will randomly draw names via random name pickers. Whoever does NOT have their named picked will be UP FOR A PUBLIC VOTING to see who will be eliminated. Each week only 2-4 people will be put into the public vote.
Don't worry, if you get eliminated you will still get a prize. (They get better the farther you make it).
The last medoll standing however will get...
600sd (or a 3 month superstar code)
Second place will get a 200sd or (1 month superstar membership)
If you are already a superstar during the time you won you will be given the stardollars prize amount specified!
If you are a non superstar during the time you have won, you will be given the amount of USD it takes to purchase a superstar membership VIA PAYPAL/VENMO 


You MUST only enter 1 medoll
You MUST be an active member of SMW

NOTE: If you made the SEASON FINALE (placed 3rd-1st) last season, you are not eligible to sing up for this season, as you have already won major prizes!


JudyellaFairy, Judith_25, and Anya-Samantha have reserved spots in this season! So to you three, you may accept the invitation by stating so in the comments!

To sign up for a chance to be in SEASON 2 all you have to do is comment your STARDOLL USERNAME and you will be put into a random name puller! 

There are essentially 13 free spots in this contest, so its limited and not a given entry!

I know 40+ signed up back in November, but please reapply on this post!


DEADLINE is June 13th at 11:59 P.M. mountain time zone

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