Thursday, June 7, 2018

Sprinkled Returns

In perhaps the most baffling comeback in the history of Stardoll, once again, we have a new collection of Sprinkled.

Are you confused? Because I'm confused.

Prices range from 2sd to 3sd with no royalty discount applicable.

There's no clear theme here, other than just 'trendy shapes.'

Also: We need to discuss the fact that the advertised nails don't match up to the size and fit of the real versions, at all.

The penguins are BIGGER than the whole of the doll's fingertips!

PS: Sorry if the post looks super weird! For some reason my past three posts, and all my post previews, have come out looking all wrong, even when the HTML and formatting on the post is totally normal. I'm honestly too busy right now to look into it so we're all just gonna have to live with whatever this ends up looking like. 


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