Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Chat Page Closure

I am, for the most part, glad - because the vast majority of chat page users and actual blog members were, at least this time, smart enough to simply ignore or report the issue.

For those that are unaware, the takeover was by SDC - also known as stardoll chat - members. Many of whom have been banned here before. Most of them have not played stardoll in years, and their main goal is simply to be nasty and provoke reactions - so thank you to those who did not respond as such.

I am not online every day. I have classes, I have lectures, and sometimes I am working, or with friends. Quite simply - I have a life, as do many of you. I cannot monitor every comment. And in actual fact, the only reason I became a mod at all was to check peoples' post history when writing birthday posts, not to stop petty drama As such,. I will be looking to talk to Jenna about promoting new moderators, as I don't have the ability to do so myself and I can't keep managing these things alone.

Unfortunately, the chances of them returning with new ips, emails and accounts is high. I encourage you all to continue on ignoring them, and report their comments where possible.

I will be going through and deleting many, if not all, of the recent comments on the chat page - even if it wasn't related.

Right now I am conscidering making weekly chat posts instead of the current page, in order to be able to manage comments better.

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