Monday, June 11, 2018

New Basics Decor

Hello and welcome to a new week. As per usual, we got something new from Stardoll to start off the week - this time it is Basics Decor.

We got three new floors of recoloured items (a customary thing when it comes to Basics stores) - the colours being Lime Punch (or lime puke, as I like to call it), Dahlia and Little Boy Blue (sexist much?), with "bonus" Charcoal and Gray sofas. The prices range between 109 and 267 SC (without the Royalty discount). The interior is the same old one.

Why they chose to put that fluorescent green on the first page just to give anyone a heart attack, is beyond me.

My favourite items from this release are Floral Poster Pink and Striped Vase Little Boy Blue, but I do like all three floral posters and I'm kind of liking both of the grey sofas.

What is your opinion about this release? Will you buy anything? What are your favourite items (if you have any)? Share in the comments below!


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