Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The X Awards

Haus of X is home to many artistic projects on Stardoll. Opened in 2013 by Jailer Sevigny (exodus27) the haus still stands strong today. After four successful X Magazine issues and a several collections of the iconic X Apparel the brand continued to grow and established its very own awards show, honouring the best people in fashion, design and blogging.

There are 10 categories presented, such as Best Lookbook, Best Graphics Collection and Unique Style of 2015. In each category, there are 3-4 nominees listed. I'm happy to tell you that Stardoll's Most Wanted has been nominated as Best News Blog of 2015 (alongside Underneath Stardoll and Carmen Bynes). It's such an amazing feeling to have our team's hard work widely acknowledged.

Also, I've been nominated as Best Blogger of 2015, alongside VampireLady33 and sparklewand12. This is means a lot to me, about half a year ago I wouldn't have dreamed of earning such an amazing achievement, and it wouldn't have become real without SMW and all you, my dear readers who support me in every way no matter what. Thank you!

If you think we deserve to win and wish to support us with your vote, please click HERE to access the official X Awards page! You can vote only once and the polls are closing on February 27.


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