Saturday, February 21, 2015

Stardoll Fashion Week: Day 1 and Day 2

Right after the opening party, the first two collections of fashion week were revealed. The spotlight of the first day was on the creations of designers The-Kemoue and Julia-ChangDiva. The second day kicked off with a presentation by Maria-0077, followed by the works of Beluchiitaa and Pavlovagurl.


Maticevski by The-Kemoue

It was definitely The-Kemoue's big moment opening Stardoll Fashion Week with his collection! The new designer on the spot presented a fresh range of contemporary ready-to-wear. The collection used pretty pastels and vivid colors mixed withdifferent kinds of black fabrics, from satin to leather. The best pieces were definitely the lime green chiffon gown which could be perfect for any black tie occassion, and the asymmetric blazer for men, which made an awesome statement with its cutout shoulder on one side while oversized on the other. There are only a few looks that need some extra work or improvement, but I believe The-Kemoue will surprise us with other great collections in the future!

Zuhair Murad by Julia-ChangDiva

Julia, a brand new contributor to The Graphic Vault, presented her Zuhair Murad FW 2014 Couture tribute collection. After her Versace capsule collection that was revealed a few weeks ago, I expected to see no less amazing work by her. It's simply breathtaking how she created every single detail - the prints, the embellishments, the lace, the buttons. I could absolutely imagine wearing any of these looks, however, my favorites are the electric blue gown and the white skirt suit with the plunging top.

 DAY 2

 Maria Collection by Maria-0077

Maria opened Day 2 with her very first runway show. The collection consists of fierce dresses mainly, but I can also spot trendy hotshorts in daring lenghts - that the models' super long legs bring to the next level! The main elements of the show were camo prints and candy pink, combined with vivid yellow (that got me wondering the pieces were channeling Valentino's Rockstud camo collection, also seen on Stardoll), pearl white and everyone's favorite black. I wish the graphics were a little bit smoother though, with more realistic shading and details, especially on the gowns with the dramatic asymmetric trains. Maria will be presenting her second, haute couture collection on Sunday, so stay tuned to see more looks by her!

 Amsoplobnrg by Beluchiitaa

Beluchiitaa surprised us with a collection that was completely inspired by famous artworks of DalĂ­, Picasso, Botticelli, van Gogh and more. The looks match the environment of each painting, and needless to say, the concept is absolutely mind-blowing! Has to be my favorite show so far. The clothes are not for your everyday ensembles, but they are lovely and I can imagine them getting realized and shown as part of a contemporary exhibition.

Mesmerize Fashion by Pavlovagurl

Pavlovagurl presented a super feminine capsule collection in the spirit of Valentine's fashion. The fresh looks were all about pink, red and white, combined with cute dotty and geometric textures. It is definitely something that you can wear during the week, to a girly hangout or a romantic day spent with your partner.

Hope you enjoyed the review, Day 3 will be posted tomorrow!

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