Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I'd like to ask you all to please enter, time is running out and we only have 9 entries so far, which is not enough for me to close the comp.

Please don't be lazy or do not forget to create your scenery, believe me, it's absolutely worth the work, only if you take a look at the wonderful prizes and opportunities you're getting if you win! The same problem is on with the Alexander McQueen competition, there are only 11 entries, so please consider entering if you have the time! Thank you.

Time to reveal the new task!

Each month there will be a creative task. You will be required to use your medoll and complete the task. This can be done in your suite or through a scenery. You decide.


Show us how you get into the carnival spirit by creating a Carnival scene using your suite, scenery or album. You can be inspired by any carnival event, like Rio de Janeiro's spectacular parade or Venice's baroque extravaganza.

The scene MUST include your MeDoll in a matching festive outfit for the environment you create. You're free to decide whenever you want to create a pose, it's not necessary.

You can ONLY use Stardoll clothes, hair, medolls, furniture etc. You are not allowed to photoshop bodies or anything else from other sites of the internet. However, you can search for some inspiration but we don't want you to copy a real life photo. If you have a Tumblr account, I highly recommend searching there!

Here are some great shots I selected:

Rio de Janeiro


The winner gets:
~ The title of March Stardoll's Most Wanted Medoll + SMW Cover Girl graphic
~ Featured here on the blog. Includes interview.
~ 150 stardollars
~ Guest Blogger for 1 month
~ Judge for comps
~ added to our Wall of Fame
~ promotion of any of your projects on the blog
~ a hairstyle of choice provided by Jem-n-em

Last day to enter February 28 (Saturday) Midnight USA EST

~ Be creative
~ You don't have to save your scenery/album. Just make the pic and do a screenprint.
~ SCREEN PRINT SHOULD BE LARGE AND CLEAR. Be sure to crop so it only shows your entry and looks like a postcard.
~ Post pic NOT link in comments.
~ Don't forget to leave your STARDOLL NAME
~ You must be signed in to Disqus to post your entries. Guests won't be accepted.
~ You must be a follower of the blog
~ You must have sent a membership request to the club Hotbuys_Bazaar
~ No cheating by entering more than once under other accounts and/or copying other peoples entries. 


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