Monday, February 2, 2015

Get The Look

Hello everyone! I'm here with another edition of Get The Look, and it's a little bit different this time. The whole article is dedicated to a celebrity that had the most requests from our readers - Cara Delevingne. It includes multiple outfits, both girly and tomboyish looks and even one for boys.

Before I go on with the article, I'd like to say that picking the models was the hardest part, since so many of you applied. If your doll wasn't picked to be one of them, even though you applied for Cara, it doesn't make it any less perfect, and maybe you'll be picked next time. 


The first outfit for today is collaboration between DKNY and Cara. It was made in 2013, as a part of DKNY's promotion for their Fall-Winter collection. I personally liked the layering and the fact that it included an item that is not so often in outfits we make daily on Stardoll - a camera. You'd probably bring along your camera in real life, whenever you're visting something new, or you know something interesting is about to happen, but you wouldn't include it in your outfit on Stardoll quite often. As for these items, only the shoes and pants are still in Plaza, while the rest is in the Bazaar. However, you shouldn't have too much trouble in finding any of these, especially the camera, in case you decide you'd like to buy them.


The second outfit(s) is not from a photoshot or any campaign, it was styled and worn by Cara on the street. She looks very relaxed and casual. Timberland boots and sweatpants actually look great on her. It has that vibe that says "Hey, I don't care, but look at me, I still look amazing". Why I like it so much is the fact that this is what ordinary people would wear in their free time. In case you want to find any of these items on Stardoll, all but the bag and boots (for the female version) are in Plaza. The bag can't be sold unfortunately, but the boots can be found in the Bazaar for coins.

PS: The male version would be more complete with a hat, but I didn't want to hide Joe's perfect hair! :)


These outfits are again from photoshoots. The main reason I picked them is the fact that Cara is wearing skirts in them. Cara usually wears sweatpants and flats when she's not working, but if you ask me skirts can be as comfortable as anything else. The outfit on the left has a little bit of a rocker vibe with the leather skirt, while the right one has that soft vibe with a lace skirt. In case you want to find any of these items on Stardoll, all but the jacket and bracelets on the right one are in Plaza - those two can be found in the Bazaar easily.

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