Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Alexander McQueen competition

Today, the 11th of February marks the 5th anniversary of the death of Alexander McQueen - the most extraordinary and legendary designer in fashion's history, one of my greatest inspirations in life. I'd like to pay homage to his work with this competition.

Recreate one of McQueen's designs using suite shop items. The outfit must be chosen from a collection that was shown before Fall/Winter 2010, because I'd like to involve only original McQueen creations, not those of Sarah Burton. I'd like you to include the photo you based your entry on.

You must create the outfit on your MeDoll! Coordinate your look from head to toe (makeup, hair etc.) No showcasing on mannequins will be accepted.

Do not use McQueen items that are ready to wear on Stardoll. I'd like you to create a detailed outfit using MAINLY objects in your suite, Suite Shop, Album, Scenery. You can use RESIZED clothing if needed, in a unique way. Creativity is the key - NO photo editing is allowed!

Use you album or scenery to multiply, layer your items for a more impressive look! Feel free to make it over-the-top! This is a McQueen comp, be daring.

Example: N1mka4eva recreated this gown from the SS 2007 collection with smaller changes in details. You can apply your own twist in color/details too if you want! Do not change the original too much.

The winner gets 50 stardollars and one of the following iconic McQueen dresses:

Deadline extended until February 25, 2015 (Wednesday) Midnight USA EST

~ The design must be chosen from a collection that was shown before FW 2010
~ Be creative
~ You don't have to save your scenery/album. Just make the pic and do a screenprint.
~ SCREEN PRINT SHOULD BE LARGE AND CLEAR. Be sure to crop so it only shows your entry.
~ Post pic NOT link in comments.
~ Don't forget to leave your STARDOLL NAME
~ You must create a Disqus account to post your entries. Guests won't be accepted.
~ You must be a follower of both this blog and member of club Hotbuys_Bazaar.
~ No cheating by entering more than once under other accounts and/or copying other peoples entries.

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