Sunday, February 22, 2015

Stardoll Fashion Week: Day 3

Day 3 of Fashion Week ended up showcasing 3 collections instead of four, since Ralph & Russo got postponed until today. However, the impression was no less intense, this day ended up being the top favorite of mine! Click on 'Read more' to discover the beauty and awesomeness of Kors by Stephenia Kors, Euphoria by Pau.Cam.Arena and Joe-S by Joe412.

Also, the Stardoll Fashion Awards will start in a few hours on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 23 at 8 pm GMT (had to be postponed due to time reasons). Make sure you tune in on the official SFW Facebook page or the Twitter of Stardoll's Most Wanted - I'll be posting the very best looks of the Masquerade Ball.

Kors by Stephenia Kors and Lullih Hwan

Stephenia and Lullih opened Day 3 with a gorgeous collection inspired by different brands from both RTW and Couture runways. They included looks from Kanye West's brand new collaboration with Adidas Originals (also known as Yeezy Season One), Ulyana Sergeenko's Fall 2014 couture and many more. I must say the graphics are flawless, and although the collection is very mixed in style and colors, the colors show perfect harmony together! My favorite outfits are the electric blue pants-sweater combo - yes, I have an addiction to this color - and the very last look which is the equality of perfection in my opinion, just look at how detailed that leather jacket is! I have a feeling it will be sitting in my PNG closet very soon :) Overall, this show was one of the very best of Fashion Week. Stephenia is already working on extending her Yeezy Tribute, and I can't wait to see it!

Euphoria by Pau.Cam.Arena

In the own words of the designer: "Once upon a time is inspired by some of my childhood memories and greatest dreams. Each dress has a story behind and every story has build up this person everyone now knows. There are some nice memories and there are some dark moments too, and for the last dress it's the moment when I shine, when everything that has tortured me for over years is over now. It's the birth of a new me" Indeed, the collection mixes dramatic looks with fairy tale magic, from pale, princessy ball gowns to dark, demonic ensembles. The best pieces of this show were the highly detailed feather dress that could be any girl's dream, and the metallic gown that looks like it was created of pure gold - the perfect choice for a modern queen. The designer closed the show wearing a black-red gown with daring cutout on the back. I loved every single detail of this collection, amazing job Pau.Cam.Arena!

Joe-S by Joe412

Joe412 made his Fashion Week debut presenting the only menswear collection of this season, Joe-S. The show featured the most handsome men from Dollywood, including SMW's very own judge and sponsor, Modmayhem, who was wearing an electric blue (HEY, It's apparently a trend now!) jacket with matching shoes. On the one hand, the presentation included comfy and sporty pieces, like the printed tops that made me go WOW with all their fine details and modernity. On the other hand, Joe included elegant must-have pieces, like the pants and those oh-so-awesome jackets, and let's mention those flawless accessories, especially the sneakers with the golden details. Normally I'm not a person who likes sneakers, but these got me to consider ordering a custom pair for myself! To sum up, I wouldn't tell even after the millionth glance that this collection was done by a fresh designer, the technique is equal with perfection. Well done Joe, I can't wait to see more collections by you in the future!


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