Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Interview with SMW's Most Wanted MeDoll of February 2015

Cover graphic and interview by JosephinaA (Agnes)

Agnes: Hi Teresa! Congrats on becoming Stardoll's Most Wanted MeDoll of February! How does it feel like?
Teresa: It feels pretty awesome. I've only won NCG once in Stardoll, and it took me almost seven years! It was surprising, because everybody else had submitted equally amazing entries and I'm definitely flattered by the fact that the judges like my entry. The best part is I got all these amazing opportunities. I feel like one lucky doll!

A: Tell us some quickfacts about you!
T: Well I am 22, and currently studying law to become a lawyer, which is pretty strange since I grew up in an art-oriented family, wanting to be a fashion designer. I'm a Potterhead and I was sorted into Ravenclaw in Pottermore. In real life I don't really wear make up, but I'm obsessed with dark red lipsticks and everything about skin care. I'm also obsessed with personality tests and I am an INFJ.

A: You've been a Stardoll member since 2006, impressive! What do you like the most about it? 
T: Actually I've been on Stardoll since 2004, when it was still Paperdoll Heaven. My then bestfriend told me about it and we used to had lots of fun dressing up celebs and making sceneries for the novel she wrote. Then we grew apart and became less active in Stardoll. I was on a long hiatus, only checking back once in a few months.  My friend's acc had been deleted since then. Now Stardoll is a safe haven for my creative side. I love trying out different kinds of looks with next to zero commitment, especially in the hair department!

A: What Starplaza shop do you miss the most?
T: Back then I used to like Fudge and Tingeling, but my taste has evolved since then. I would probably miss Decades the most, since it was my favorite. But even then Stardoll rarely updated the collection, and most of them have unflattering fittings.

A: Which feature would you add to Stardoll?
T: One to organize your closet sounds nice, but being an avid bargain hunter that I am, I would love to see updated, more effective Starbazaar searching options.

A: In which shop would you buy to style your medoll as yourself in real life?
T: Probably a cross between Bonjour Bizou and Decades. A less pink version of Pretty 'n Love would do, too, if there ever was such thing!

A: The gown you created inspired by Elie Saab was AMAZING. Who are your favourite designers?
T: Thanks! Elie Saab is definitely one of my fave, and up to this day, their SS2012 collection still tops my all-time fave. My other fave would be Chanel, and to the lesser extent, Dior and Valentino.

A: Have you been part of the SMW community for long?
T: Not that long. I found out about SMW back in June 2014, after Stardoll released the Curlfriend hair set. I posted a picture of a wig I made in USD, and Jenna invited me to join the wig competition SMW hosted. I have started to devoutly join almost every comps SMW hosted since then.

A: Anything you would like to add?
T: I would express my gratitude for this amazing community that SMW is. Not only it challenges my creativity, I've also met amazing dolls and made some friends here. With the exception of my then bestfriend, I had never made any single friend in Stardoll. Needless to say, Stardoll wouldn't be the same without you!

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