Sunday, November 30, 2014

HB Lace gown winners

IMPORTANT: From now on, changes are coming regarding the prizes. To keep the blog going without Jenna's permanent contribution, we have to cut down on rewards a little bit, but we really hope it won't have an effect on your enthusiasm for comps. Huge THANK YOU to our sponsor modmayhem for offering us stardollars!

The main prize for polls will be reduced to 25 stardollars instead of 50. HotBuys will only be given as a prize if it is requested, depending on its price the item might replace the 25 stardollars (let's face it, Starplaza prices are insane these days...) Runner-ups will win a gift of their choice worth 10 stardollars or less.

The winner of the HB Lace gown poll is...


She wins 25 stardollars OR the HB Lace gown.

The runner-up is...

She wins a gift of her choice worth 10 stardollars or less.

To claim your prizes, please contact MODMAYHEM in his Guestbook.

Click HERE to see where you placed!

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