Saturday, November 22, 2014

Get The Look

Hello everyone. I seem to enjoy taking long hiatuses way more than I should. However, I'm back with new editon of Get The Look. Continue reading and join me in try to "steal" looks of two amazing, young actresses. 
Also, reminder that you can apply as model here, and it's open for as long as I'm posting these articles.

Model: ChicAutumn
Sanne joined Stardoll not so long ago, and she's already showing how creative she is in her outfits and her suite.
First celebrity for this edition is Lily Collins, American actress and model, whom you probably know as Clary from The Mortal Instruments. As for her style it's relaxed and yet very chic. I chose this outfit mainly because of shoes, since I wanted to use the Subcoture heels. Most of the used items can be found in Plaza. Bandana, jacket and shoes however, can only be found in Bazaar. You may have some problems with finding the jacket and bandana, but shoes are not so hard to find. 

Model: JosphinaA
Agnes is our writer and graphic designer. She's also brilliant wig designer and an amazing friend. 
Second celebrity is also an actress, Minka Kelly, who you may know from  TV show Charlie's Angels. I picked cute, girlish outfit. I love wearing Converse with skirts in real life, and I assume many of you do as well, so there's no reason not to do it on Stardoll as well. This is starcoin outfit. Skirt, shirt, shoes and socks are still in Plaza. Braclet, belt and jacket are in Bazaar. You may have some trouble with finding the jean jacket, but you'll eventually find it, if you want it.

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