Tuesday, November 18, 2014

TUTORIAL: Easy and cheap Non-SS hairstyles


I'm sure you sometimes feel like you need to change your wig, but you have almost no money to spend on a new one.
Let's face it, wigs are expensive and I blame Stardoll for that.

I had to show you some of these tricks to renew our (too) well-known non-superstar hairstyles.
I used 1/2 pieces of StarDesign Hair, take a look!

First hairstyle
You'll just need a braid (from the Basic section)
This has to be my favourite one.

Second hairstyle
You'll just need two pieces of hair (from the Straight Up section)

Third hairstyle
You'll just need two pieces of hair (from the Curlfriend section)

With shading they would look even better, don't you think?
Do you have a favourite?

Let me know in comments if there's anything you would like to see in the tutorial section!



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