Saturday, November 15, 2014

SMW's Got Talent: Featured Talents

Thanks so much for sharing your skills and talents with us. If you haven't sent us your photos/videos/drawings etc. yet, be sure to check out the main SMW's Got Talent post by clicking HERE :)

This week I'm featuring 2 exceptionally talented people, SkyKam and sweet_gal11 whose skill is drawing. Their breathtaking work absolutely won me! I also included their own words describing their art.

Congratulations! They get to choose either:

  A GRAB BAG item

See Grab Bag HERE.
(Please note this constantly changes so we will show an updated one at the time)


I'm a self taught artist and i mainly do tattoo designs. Although i'm not much into portrait painting i like drawing abstract and landscapes. I've been drawing ever since i can remember. I believe my creative mother and grandmother has inspired me to do this so. Although i hardly get much time anymore to draw, when i have free time i kind of get lost in my thoughts and create some artwork. Hope you guys enjoy. Here are some of my tattoo designs :) a lady from US has used one of these flower designs as her tattoo.. i was honoured :')

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For as long as I can remember I've loved art and drawing. I've grown up in a family of artists and musicians so they have helped me hone my skills and become a better artist. Aside from taking art in school I've had no training or instruction and I did this piece on my own time. I love art so much and I'm so happy to be sharing mine with everyone here. Thanks for this opportunity!

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