Monday, November 24, 2014

New floor of Bonjour Bizou

Finally a new floor of Bizou!
There are two starcoin items and the Price range is 7-22sd
It's one of the most liked shops, but I still don't know if I love it or I hate it xD
Most of the graphics are not that good but well... I'm thinking of getting the denim shirt, the plaid trousers and the pleated skirt. What about you?

Show us your outfit ideas in comments!

lusy19000                            ExtravaganceSD                         MissLadyAnjah                            kickherout


Theshinystar                                                     NatmoLove                                             Prizla

Real life versions:

Au Jour Le Jour dresses (thanks Miss.Privacy and LadyAnneLena)

Alexander McQueen skirt (thanks LadyAnneLena)


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