Monday, December 20, 2010

Professional copier !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey all .. today while i'm checking others blog i saw an girl ( you can say : " Professional copier " )
she copied what i said here in previous post ..  even she copied THE COLOURS !
all of that because there is TON of new blogs need to get DELETED ( just copy & paste ) because they don't have any sense of CREATIVE, TALENT .. etc

i really get annoying when i see something like that !
check this post ( who copied us ) :

my post :

what about you ??
waiting your comments !



riva.ilyas said...

Theres exactly the same colors and EVERYTHING!
Go report her NOW!

Anonymous said...

it's really sad how untalented someone must be to have to copy/STEAL someone else's hard work. tsk tsk tsk

Hrly said...

sadly this happens too often. :( said...

thats rude&lazy.
There isnt even a source at the bottom, nor a credit link.
I have seen a blog EXACT replica. fonts,imagery,wording. I'll try and find the link, but its quite sad.
Its just jealousy, don't worry.

Ghandoora said...

Thank u all ! i adore your comments

Natoustars said...

It's just stupid --'. :S

Anonymous said...

She didn't copy you!
are you silly?

afiqsamuel said...

now this blog has become so silly. im sorry, but i think this is childish. this is personal, and pity her.


Anonymous said...

You're just as anoyying as the person who copied you.

Anonymous said...

I think she changed it now

Miss_LolitaF said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mihaela said...

You sure this was the reason for posting?

Miss M said...

Sorry, but I don't think it's that big of a deal, really. I mean, if she copied your work, fair enough, but these are pics she could get off Google too. And sorry, but it seems a bit hypocritical for you to say she's copying when you've got images that could be copyright in real life to the person that has photographed them.

I don't mean any offence. I just want to say what I thought-I ain't really going to hide behind an Anonymous name :L

Anonymous said...

I think she is not a copy cat she only posted the new dool !

Mary/Bmayia said...

OMG,dont be silly,she didnt copy anything!!!!
You know anyone else could get exactly the same pics in google!
Plus I have seen that in some other "Important" blogs or the "best" blogs in stardoll,I´ve seen exactly the same pics!!So please STOP criticazing that people!Just if she/he is a copycat or liar leave her alone!Not everyone needs to know that!We can live without that info!

ilovehealth said...

Are people going crazy?? We all know that other blogs copy this one all the time, and yet there is still people defending them? Of course they change a couple things in the post because they don't want to seem like they are coping. Besides, a lot of users are lazy and they just don't want to do things for themselves. Why should one person do all the work but others get credit? It's not right. She is not whining. She is defending herself in saying that she did the work for that post and she should be the only one that posts it. For the love of god, stop twisting the poor girls words. She is not looking for pity, but justice.

We want blogs to be unique. Gosh. I

BeautyBxxtch said...

I'm assuming she changed it now because it's different
I hope I don't come off as rude or anything but the pictures and information and everything you used in the post were off of Google and Wikpedia, right? So you're actually copying as well...yeah, pretty much what PwincessSara/Sara said

Anonymous said...

God most of you are blind! Mabie you should take a trip to specksavers! Do you have nothing better to do then make up lies about smaller blogs? Your sad and really do need to get a life!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thats not the only one that was copied, i saw a few that were actually and it wasnt just the one person, there are different writers copying. They copied the Hot Buys Boots post, Lykke Ly, a few free item posts and thats just for starters. The free items ones were copied word for word, font the same, pictures the same and color in some parts.

But, you have just given them huge publicity, you are like one of the biggest blogs for Stardoll, So that might not be a good thing to be doing for them after copying.

I hope that this teaches everyone a lesson, do not copy! Its illegal and you can be taken to court for it! Credit must always be given, but you still must not copy word for word. :)

Tammy_01 said...

They changed it - it's only pictures now... but I think they are really dumb =/

Lemy100 said...

yeah but the blog owner apologized..
Don't make it big deal.

lettheleaffly said...

Wtf ? she hasnt copied you

Anonymous said...

She did copy, she just edited the post so now it doesnt.
BTW --- This blog 100% Copies and pastes every free stuffs post here.

lalaland said...

NO, NO How-to-get-free is written by ruth.

Anonymous said...

Oh, come on! don't cry, this is not big deal. She didn't even use the same pictures.
You have no right on telling them to delete her post. Anyway, you knew that the doll came out by looking at stardoll, maybe she did it too, so she had no need to copy you.
Maybe she did, so what? there is more people reading at this blog than hers, and if you start complaining then she will not only have more visits, but also might get a lot of offensive comments just because your "fans" got andry because you said that she copied you

sdbitchplease said...

ahahaha, all this insanity is making me laugh.
On one side, @PwincessSara is totally right. What proof do you guys have that she copied? Kat Hepburn is the new doll, you guys honestly believe that only Ghandoora talked about her? And so what if the text is the same color as her? OMG! That's horrible! Someone call the popo!
ahaaahh! Bitches, think.
And on the other side, what if she did actually copy, can you guys stop being a bitch about it and let it go. It's not like you guys never copied before. Yea, that's what I thought.
I love you hunnies, but be human. ;)

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