Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Calendar Days 24 and 25


Sadly this year stardoll doesn't giveaway any free stardollars, only items this year on Christmas
CLICK HERE to visit calendar and check them
At first let's start with yesterday -
▀▄▀▄▀▄24th day items▄▀▄▀▄▀
were this Red Off-Shoulder dress for 1sd only, not that bad for so cheap price I think.You are welcome to tell RL version if you know :]

and the second item are these 2sd Superstar only Sequin Panel Shoes inspired by Jimmy Choo Marine Crystal Sandals

▀▄▀▄▀▄25th day items▄▀▄▀▄▀
 free and available for all are these nice Sequined Pants. Thanks to giddusadik for RL version: by Isabel Marant: 

and second, free for Superstars is - this breath-taking (at least for me) skull clutch inspired by Alexander McQueen's brown crocodile skull-clasp box clutch, Encrusted with burnished-gold studs and ruby-tone gems. RL version's price is: $9,750

 PS. I hope all non-superstarts who have more than 500 starpoints have noticed and started to use the amazing chance to buy any items in starbazaars - personally for my spare non-ss account I got all SS calendar items I wanted by finding them in starbazaar ^^

So anyway are you getting any of these?
Do you like them?


.emma.x. said...

I love the red dress and the clutch.

Merry Crimbo everyone :D

MissAdelajda100 said...

I think that the red dress looks pretty much like the DKNY's one that you can find at starbazaar.


MonicaMillgram said...

I love the clutch! :)

G-Biatch said...

Red dress & clutch looks really good!! And I thought that you get SD's on the last day? or am i wrong?

merry xmas every1!!! =)

Avril14140/Mihaela said...

They're ugly :S


Nordwalde said...

The Christmas calender was just a pile of junk this year.. i hated everything, i didn't buy a thing.. and not even 20sd.. stardoll is getting selfish -.-


Anonymous said...

Wheres the 25sd we usually get? ¬_¬ But atleast they did give something free. MERRY CHRISTMAS :D

PwincessSara/Sara said...

The shoes look gorgeous in real life :3
Wish we got Stardollars like last year :|


riva.ilyas said...

keep scrolling down down down , i think thats the real version, it looks a bit like it first becasuse it silver and second it has this black kinda belt on top of it
not sure about the zippers :P

riva.ilyas said...

I didn't really like the calendar stuff alot, my fave was the pink coat though.It would have been better if it wasn't pink, i HATE PINKKKKK!!!

Anonymous said...

I think stardoll gives stardollar! Today isn't 31st day of december! Every years,Stardoll gives it the last day of december.So we can wait 31st day and we can claim stardollars ;)

giddusadik said...

Found the real version! Here:

My username on stardoll is giddusadik.

elina.5 said...

sadly stardoll given't us stardollars for christmas but i think that the stardoll staf will give us stardollars for new year on 31th 2010/11 :)

Nowandwhenever/Demi_lavato10 said...

I wish I was superstar now. Is anyone selling the clutch in Sb? O.o It's so pretty. My favorite was the pink coat too. I hope we get SD on the last day. My wallet is hungry. X♥X♥ N&W

-Margaret278- said...

i really like the dress and the clutch!!

Anonymous said...

is it just me that cant buy from the star bazzar? :S i hav 2827 starpoints.

Also last time 2 qet sd's ddnt u hav 2 qo 2 a link? i done an entry on my stardoll blog and saved it there but wen i visited it it says status=not xmas...wen it is

btw link if enybody wants 2 try it:

FemaleHustla_ said...

Does Anyone Has The High Waisted Trousers From Bisou & Wants To Sell It For Me? Thanks In Advance ♥ !

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