Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year on Stardoll [:

Today as you all know is New Years Eve
So I was expecting something nice from stardoll. But what did we get?

❥Pricey Fireworks interior
That was already made last year, and I doubt it's worth the price. And it could have been non-superstar as it's for holidays.

❥New Years Styled Outfit
At first the items were nearly all for superstars and not cheap, then stardoll re-released them - at least everything is non-superstar and not expensive. My favourite item is that bow-tie for just 1sd. At suite you can re-size it, and I think it might be useful to many other outfits ^^
 Rachel Gilbert dress and Alexander Wang shoes
(Thanks to SeenOnStardoll for pics)

I decided to make non-supertar outfits with this dress. And it turned out that it's not easy to style with the dress (only colours that go with it are same pink, white and silver) but here is what I made:
1st look is for those who think that Less is more.
2nd look for those who aren't afraid of being unique and different than others
3rd look is for those who like to accessorize outfits
[Yes, that is my doll with simple hair in pic and for make-up I used Sunny Bunny eyeshadow, so all really is non-ss]
Hope you got inspired at least a little [:

❥Plain 2sd dress in calendar
Today is the last item of calendar and what do we get?
A Simple, Gray 2sd Feather Hem dress.
Not really makes me think of it as perfect New Years dress.

It's inspired by Rebecca Taylor's dress -
Anyway what do you think about the whole calendar?
Did you liked it?
And yeah that's it :S

Nothing free? No money?
I was expecting to get those 25sd we used to get in Xmas, or maybe even 31sd, but we got nothing. Or a free nice dress, like it was with free Bow-tie DKNY Golden dress (or what was it called) Anything free. :S

So I guess for a getting real New Years feeling we should make it by ourselves.
So put on the best you have and wish everyone you know a Happy New 2011 Year.
Dear readers and followers I truly wish you all the best, to get all you want to achieve ^^



Anonymous said...

I expected to get stardollars too. And what do we get? A simple dress, and it's not even free? Stardoll's getting more and more greedy.
Btw, I bought that bow-tie when it cost 3SD, and now it's only 1SD, yay! ;D
Happy New Year to all. ;}

FarihaMaree said...

Hey i bought the bow tie and it says i own it and the moneys gone so i was just wondering where does the bow tie go after you buy it? please help i really neeed it :(

cuteeLarisa said...

Thank you Ruth :)..cuteeLarisa here (im back)..Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

I just remembered a thing...
Do you remember this link?
Has anyone tried clicking this on Christmas? Is it still working? I wonder, if it still gave 25SD on Christmas?

Ruth said...

@9oo2Miss2oo9 No, it didn't work on Xmas. And doesn't work now too :S

Anonymous said...

Too bad. But the link still exists, so I thought that maybe.. ;D

Kim/PopStarKizzle♥ said...

I thought more items would be free on the calender, it should be if it was actually an advent calender. :-) I like the dress however, I may buy it.

BeautyBxxtch said...

I've used up all my month's stardollars so I can't even get the clothes :l
Ugh, seriously? Why is there no REAL New Years gift at all? There wasn't any real Christmas gift either .-.

Miss M said...

Congrats Stardoll...
You get the satisfaction of giving us pretty crap NYE gifts. But the dress for $2sd and $4 sd isn't bad, tbh...(x

_JolieAnn_ said...

i really expected to have a fantastic but cheap dress or something else in this door of the holiday calendar. i mean the last day and what did we get a ugly grey dress -.-
some things i like the black and white jacket and the chair and the bed but nothing special.
also the new year stuff im sorry i dont like the things.
sometimes stardoll gives out really fantastic things for free or for less money but not at the special days in the year :(
im sorry im a bit disappointed

Anonymous said...

visit me!! plz my name on stardoll is: LyllasMiss1996

ps: i love your blog! i watch this all the days!!♥

Mihaela said...

Ahh.What could we expect from Stardoll in this time?:S


dian-fantasy said...

I wonder to. I was thinking you get 15 sd free or something. I'm sad. -.-''

Anonymous said...

The calendar this year was not as good a last years & to think I renewed my membership for December just to get those gifts. If I had known the gifts would be awful & non-ss would have access to ss items I wouldn't have bothered. I would have been non-ss & still got those gifts anyway.

Has anyone noticed there are more royalty members now? They are all over the place. These past 3 weeks following the huge debate on the starbazaar issue, stardoll decided to allow more people in their club & make them royalty. And the story of the one year membership is not true I have seen those who have been on stardoll for 6-8 months (from this year) & also people who became non-ss breifly & those who breifly deleted or suspended their accounts all made royalty. Stardoll is so confusing I want a full years refund.

HilaryMad2659 said...

Disappointing, but I love that dress in todays calendar.

Ramona D said...

Happy New Year Ruth and to all stardolls.

I tought it was that time of the year when we should receive gifts,it looks like stardoll forgot about it

Tammy_01 said...

Happy new year everyone!

Anonymous said...

post about this!!! my account got deleted for no reason!!!

Miss_Amanda_98 said...

I'm wondering why we didn't get something free too. Last year they gave us christmas money and that store decade of the teens. At least it ALSO had free clothes in! It could also be because stardoll is getting more people so now we have to buy everything. Not alot of people want to be superstars anymore because it cost too much for the time you get.


J-Lee Vuitton/Demi_lavato10 said...

yay! :D

chocolatofreak said...

I know,
I was definately expecting more this year lol.
Not to sound greedy, but I really was haha.

No money? :/
I look forward to that each year lol.
Annnddd,the holiday calendar,
well I did like a few items (:
But they could have done better with some things.

And the interior,
ehhh. Too expensive.
More like Fourth of July-ish if you ask me lol.

And the outfits,
I only like the bow too,
it goes nicely on my head hehe (:

Happy New Year everyone!

Clumsygirl said...

Yeah, we didn't get much this year...not even stardollars on christmas :(

Ah well, Happy New Year everyone :)

Emily said...

I expected to get the stardollars! I think we should get them!

Anonymous said...

Happy new year from Italy,right now it's officially the Jan the 1st!!! Don't drink too much champagne and don't forget to kiss your lover under the fireworks, it brings luck!!!!

Anonymous said...

They give us a lamp free :P LOLS now sereusly they give us a lamp !

Lemy100 said...

happy new year!
I had a new year party yesterday :)
thanks ruth

Anonymous said...

Errm hello there =) I own a stardoll blog called
Please can we be partners with you thanks

marymoo said...

I love the Bow Tie :D
But the other stuff is horrible :L
Happy New Year Everyone ! x

Natoustars said...


Anonymous said...

Stardoll sucks becuse I did expect some money, but nothing! And all of the money we gave it to them [speaking of all Superstars]!

I ♥ Michael said...

Nice dress. <3

princess_dumini said...

stardoll really knows how to put on a HAPPY new year don't they?

Rab92 said...

Happy New Year, To You All!

I Bought The Blazer, Trousers & Bow Tie. Which I`m Wearing Just Now. I Love It.

As For The Calender & Money, I Never Got Any Of Them! Which I`m Confused About.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I have a question.

Where ist the designer Mant__*?
Did she deleted her account? :o

Romana/Romana.Dawn said...

Yeah I like some outfits

Maggy said...

@Ano: Yes, Mant__* deleted her account. It says in her sister's presentation that Manta got bored with Stardoll, inactivated her account but that she maybe comes back.

Unknown said...

I know right,I remember that dress also.

Iovanca said...

stardoll just released old clother in archive again .. things like the dkny gloves, hotbuys leopart print coat, suede boots
what's happening?

Anonymous said...

@ Maggy: But she has invested so much money in her account. why did she immediately deleted it. She could simply don't log.

Anonymous said...

@ Ano: Well, I don't really know about it :/ Maybe she was afraid that people would flood her contacts with thousands of oh-come-back-beggings or asking to sell/give her account. If I was as popular as her, I'd probably also put my account in ice for a while if I were gone. Deleting can be cancelled :)

Luckybetty95 said...

I'm so glad everyone is beginning to see Stardoll as it is. They are being acquisitive , and not treating all members equal. I have always loved Stardoll, but recently Ive been loathing them. I think they need to listen to what their members are saying and make some adjustments.

Jeremy! said...


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