Friday, December 24, 2010

January Birthdays!

Hey everyone!
A huge thanks to HRLY who took over my birthday task this month! My computer broke for a while and has been weird lately. However, I'll post next month's birthdays. :)
As we did last month, if you are a JANUARY BABY post your birthday here so I can make up the list. Thanks!
Happy Holidays!
Siham x♥x♥x


hotgirl1501 said...

hello My birthday is on January 15 my username is hotgirl1501:)

Outrageous Doll said...

Username: ashley-cata
Name: Catalina
Birthday: Janaury 15th.

Anonymous said...

I'd Appricate If i was mentioned :),


Janaury 7th :)

PwincessSara/Sara said...

Hey (:
My Name's PwincessSara, and my birthday's on the 10th January

Man...I'm gonna be 15!

ithar2010 said...

my birthday is the 16th of january my name is ithar2010

blomsterpigen_ said...

My birthsday is January 1'st, and my name is Dimpole (:

Anonymous said...

Username: Belieber31
Name: Caitlin
Birthday, January13 :)

itzfifi123 said...

Hi, my birthday is on January 31. My stardoll user is sushichick123. Thanks! I love this blog :D

___fashionista said...

My birthday is on JANUARY 29 :) and i'm ___fashionista! from mexico! I REALLY LOVE YOUR BLOG

Nojarama said...

Date:January 22nd

Becka said...

Becka, Psychotic-Freak, january 2nd :)

Karina said...

Username: ForeverSecret
My birthday is January 6th.

Mary/Bmayia said...

My is January 20th!!!I want to be in the list!Im Bmayia in Stardoll my real name Mary!♥

phoebe/lemy100 said...

Hi siham, my b-day is on 19th of january.

moviestarcelebs said...

I'm moviestarcelebs on Stardoll and my birthday falls on January 4th. It's my 15th birthday! :)

Jhudora said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sweethoney3000 said...

my birthday is on the 3rd of jan :)(sweethoney3000)

MissSelena121 said...

My username is Carly4325 and my birthday is on 29 January

Anonymous said...

haiiii i'm josiemae8445 & my birthdays the 13th of Jan :')<3

Anonymous said...

Username - Star-kamilla
Name - Margaritta
Birthday - 4.January

Anonymous said...

my birthday is on 10th January.


CChanelCrystale said...

Hey my birthday is on January 13th.
Username is CChanelCrystale.


Anonymous said...

Username : Tinkerbell-97
Name : Silje
Birthday : 11th January (:

Naomi said...

My birthday is on JAnuary 1st, my username is CambodiaGirl<3

Sylvie___ said...

my birthday is on 13 january en my username is SAfashion

Sauluz said...

Birthday: on 9th of January;
Nickname: Sauluz;


Avril14140/Mihaela said...

Bububuuu :P I don't have birthday in Janueary,but I WANT TOO!!

riva.ilyas said...

january 15!!! YAY!!
omg theres already 2 epople with the same birthday as mine! !!!
I will be 15!!! OMG
so name: riva.ilyas
Birthday: 15th january (1996)
Age :gonna be 15!!!

Vanessa said...

Username: vanessinha_rdf
Name: Vanessa
Birthday: Janaury 2nd.

sunnadoggz97 said...

Hey (:
My birthday is the 6th of January.

Kitypink11 - Laura said...

I'm Kitypink11, my B-Day is on the 3Oth January :D

Anonymous said...

My Birthday is January 1st Imm a new years baby.. username is louvenis21

SayGrace said...

Heyy Merry Christmas!
Username: SayGrace
Name: Lindsay
Birthday: January 16th
Gonna be 16! Can't wait!! :)

nadejda1328 said...

Merry Christmas!
Username: nadejda1328
Name: Nadezhda
Birthday: January 28
Gonna be 20!
Can't wait!

Antolka95 said...

Hi! My birthday is on 6 January my username is Antolka95 ;)

billienda said...

username: blenda-chika
b-day: Janaury 9th

Annabelle|Taylor19swift said...

Hi(: my birthday is January 16th <3
My username is: Taylor19swift

Jhudora said...

My username: .Jhudora
Birthdate: January 5
Name: Jhudora

Patty Zaldivar said...


january 28th
(that's my friend)

emolein12 said...

hello. my birthday is on january 7.
stardollname: emolein12

Anonymous said...

name -enchantina
bday-6th jan

Princesslujayna said...

My birthday is on January 25th :)

Neeka / Princess_Kiara1 said...

Mine's on January 1st :))
Princess_Kiara1 / Nika

Caitlin said...

Sorry, but that was an error for " My birthsday is January 1'st, and my name is Dimpole (:

December 24, 2010 4:33 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Username: Belieber31
Name: Caitlin
Birthday, January13 :)

December 24, 2010 4:57 PM"

Actually I missed typed it.
My name is Caitlin,
User is Belieber31
And birthday is
JANUARY 31. Sorry.

Danielle said...

My birthday is on January 29th!
Found my birthday twinnies!
Username is CelebDanni

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