Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Hello all .. i'm Ghandoora back with new doll for superstars ..

 Matthew James Morrison

Matthew James Morrison (born October 30, 1978) is an American musical theater and television actor and singer. He is best known for starring in multiple Broadway and Off-Broadway productions, including his portrayal of Link Larkin in Hairspray on Broadway, and most notably for his Golden Globe- and Emmy-nominated role as Will Schuester on the Fox television show Glee (2009–present). He has also received a Satellite Award for this role.

i heard about him but i don't know him so much i mean i didn't watch any show for him..
what about you ?
waiting your HOT comment ..
Need help ?? Ghandoora here


MonicaMillgram said...

Wow, he's hot. I mean in real life :D Never heard of him though.

Bella said...

So you take being annoying as a compliment?

That's not sane

♥Ghandoora♥ said...

@ Bella : Thank you !

anaKonda said...

Don't watch/like Glee and I don't find him very interesting...

lili3y said...

I don't like him :/ ;D


Nordwalde said...

The thing is you got the pics of google.. etc.. and she did as well
so you "copied" as well.. you said its your job to get them off google its her job as well..

Anonymous said...


nour / kaami1990 said...

I agree that she copied u she just copied and pasted though i know what it feels when someone copy u that easy and google is a place for ppl to take info from so if u took info from google it's fine couz google IS a place for ppl to take info,pics,music etc from so ghandoora got copied by her !!! :S so don't say ghandoora is sily ! :P

PwincessSara/Sara said...

I don't watch Glee (x
The Stardoll doll looks nothing like him.

I'm sorry, but I still don't think it's fair to say she copied you. And I-personally-found the first part of the post a bit childish. You asked us for our views, and we gave them. Some people-myself included-didn't agree with you, but we choose to say it out loud and not hide behind Anonymous names. And like you said to mine: it's my job to have pictures from Google and put them here She could get them off Google too. They could be copyright in RL like I said before, so I don't think you have a right to really complain about pictures :|

finagirl said...


Kim/PopStarKizzle♥ said...

I love glee, he is hot in real life, but stardoll made him ugly.

Anonymous said...

youre just being childish with the first part. this aint a blog 4 u 2 open up 2 about copying issues. its not the point of this blog, it aint y u were chosen 2 write, ur just abusing the rights jenna gave u.

blueberry-dream said...

I'm sorry, but I think Jenna wouldn't want her writers posting about copiers and problems...this blog is not about drama and scandal, and instead of having to make posts about it, reason it personally and privately instead. This post is pointless. You're just egging the subject on.

Bella said...


You're not welcome. That wasn't a compliment.

You better give me a real answer if you're gonna say something to me.

Anonymous said...

Google isn't a place for people to take info, pics and music. I am pretty sure that you can copy a picture from google images and be prosecuted for it.

I think she did copy Ghandoora, she copied what Ghandoora said word for word. (I THINK)

I agree

You are being childish and it annoys me how you took away the first part of your post

Anonymous said...

Come on, you're so annoying and childish. Why the hell do you put those links on these pictures you copied them from google so don't act like you made these pictures..

nour / kaami1990 said...

@Anymous ok maybe the pics ok but she COPIED her words letterly copied and pasted !! pics from google ok who cares i am talking about the words she also changed the post so no one can catch her but i saw it before she edited and the copied ghandoora so .......

Avril14140/Mihaela said...

He's from Glee :P I don't like Glee :S I think it's silly xD Why does everyone likes it?:O

He's not hot :/

Anonymous said...

I know that she copied Ghandoora's post word for word, I said that in my previous comment.

BeautyBxxtch said...

Really not a fan of Glee so...yeah :L
I've only ever watched it for Darren Criss because I am a Starkid Productions supporter! Woo! AVPM & AVPS!

PwincessSara/Sara said...

In that case, yes, she was wrong to take the post from it, but the only thing I saw when I went on to the blog were images, and I found it a bit childish that she made a post about it.

I have to agree with the Anonymous that replied to my comment; I don't think it's far that you removed the first part of the post. You gave your opinion, and you expected 100% backing, but you didn't get it; you need to learn to live with it, not go and delete your posts, because all the readers technically had a right to read that-especially if you responded to their comment.

And I agree with Sarah, too. I don't think Jenna would appreciate writers posting about things like this, especially when they seem petty and childish to most.

I just wanna say you can't always expect everyone to agree with you, and if they don't, well, that's life. Doesn't mean you go and remove the posts or whatever else caused the controversy.

Anonymous said...

"And on the other side, what if she did actually copy, can you guys stop being a bitch about it and let it go. It's not like you guys never copied before. Yea, that's what I thought."
Ahah you are totally right!
Ghandoora you are soooooooo patetic! You are real shit, not that girl!


sdbitchplease said...

LOVE HIM. for being on glee. He's epic.

sdbitchplease said...

and @anonymous (the one before my comment), glad to know you liked my statement and yes! Of coarse I'm right!
At least you put apostrophes to say you quoted it, so props for that, babe. Thanks tons.(:

Anonymous said...

I LOVE GLEE! visit me im princess_dumini.

PS.the doll looked nothing like him! i wish they had the WHOLE glee cast

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