Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays Outfits

At first I want to say
 I hope everyone of you will have a special Christmas Evening today, more or less but traditional ^^

Anyway this year stardoll has even made special outfits for Holidays theme, items can be found in new section so far or CLICK HERE to try them on, but sadly nothing is free and the bow print t-shirt is even for SS only :S
Plus seems as there will be no free stardollars as it used to be in Advent calendar. Today there is nothing free, BUT I can give a hint that tomorrow there will be 2 free items (1 for non-ss and 1 for SS only) but days after again usual priced items.
There aren't any new gifts made for giftshop, no giveaways. I don't feel like Christmas much :S

What do you think about this all?

Anyway for last words
As you know Christmas is also a time of forgiving, so let's forgive stardoll all the bad things (like glitches, laziness, not putting anything much new) because behind the word stardoll there are people. Graphic designers, programmers, writers and MANY more. People like us. And they need time to celebrate Christmas with their own families, like us, so I guess it's more or less but okay as it is.


Cutiepie80 said...

Hmmmm.....I wish some of those Holiday Outfits were non-ss :/
But ending on a Happy note Merry Christmas to All and Have a Happy New Year :)

P.s Ruth,Love the new banner First post D

Romana/Romana.Dawn said...

I love them!

riva.ilyas said...

I like the clothes...some of them..

Miss M said...

Happy Holidays! (: x
Your last pic is cute.

For the holiday season, I think it should all be NS. And the santa hat should defo be a freebie :L

Mihaela said...

They're cute :S

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