Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sales on Suite Shop

Sales on suite shop start today with 50% discount.

What is your favorite piece?


Stephanieee said...

wohoo 2nd first coment yay i always love the cheap suite sales even if most of its ct@p i still buy something everytime :P

kisses xxx


MonicaMillgram said...

I don't know if I like anything but still I will probably buy some random things. My suite is a big mess anyway.

burunia said...

great sale! i bought lots of stuff

Miss M said...

Dunno if I'll buy anything :|
The unicorn's cute though :3

anaKonda said...

Bought a bunch of stuff.
The triangle pillows and the skull lamps are my faves :)

Mario Dodovski said...


There is an Alexander McQueen inspired dress in Starplaza called Embroidered Ballgown with a price tag saying 6 stardollars. It says that when you buy it as well. But after that you will notice that not 6, but 30 stardollars are missing from your account. Turns out the real price is 30!! And Stardoll hides that by putting a 6 stardollars price tag, whether it's on purpose or not.
SCAMMERS! They obviously just want our money.

Mario Dodovski said...

Here's a proof about the dress, as well as the other newly released dresses from the Holiday Shop store!
This is in case they fix the mistake in the meanwhile:

Mollyk123 said...

i love the suite shop sale, i always buy loads.

About the 6sd dresses-i was so surprised to see them for 6sd n i thought oh wow thats so nice of stardoll! i was going to buy 1later!

Mihaela said...

Ehm.I really don't know what's my favorite piece xD

Claus Van-Buren said...

Oh I love the sale this time! I think I'd buy quite a lot of things. =D

BeautyBxxtch said...

Ugh, wish I had bought a few of those things before they went on sale >.<
Sucks being non-ss sometimes :L

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